Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mandate to sit in the opposition .. !!

It was very interesting to note how the think tank of the losing party, the BJP, ( who showed uncanny magnanimity in accepting defeat for the first time ever in their history..) accepted the fact that the people of India had given it the mandate to sit in the opposition.

Strange are the ways of politicians , they manage to turn everything to their advantage.. It is ok if they learn the lessons from this, but does it really happen..?

Next time around, the same leaders will once again talk of building the Ram Temple, sethu samudram issue, personally cast aspersions and insinuations against other politicians, personal diatribes or abuses (!!) against people who differ with them. ( they are very famous for that as we all know..), talk of an incapable and weak PM and so on ..

It happens when these people realise they do not have issue worth the salt to discuss and instead resort to cheap gimmicks.. It is very sad at the end of it all, to see the same tactics boomerang.. The whole crowd then cuts a very sorry figure..! exposed and disrobed !!

Any way these are steps to maturity of a democracy.. and we have to make do with such immature politicking ...


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