Thursday, May 07, 2009

Excessive civilian casualties enraging Afghan population ??

It was very saddening and shocking to listen to the Red Cross spokeswoman yesterday on the civilian casualties in Afghanistan in the American fight against Taliban and Al-Queda  in Afghanistan and Pakistan. About 130 civilians were killed in the air raids yesterday, the highest since Obama took over.  The conscience of the world is shaken and all right thinking, peace-loving world citizens are disturbed..

Instead of targeting the terrorists terrestrially, the US plan to conduct frequent air raids is only adding the list of civilian casualties. It is one great factor which is alienating and distancing the US and NATO forces from the Afghan population. 

On the one hand, US is funding these terrorists and their mutant forms in Pakistan through liberal aid helping them to grow, spread and recruit members unhindered, and on the other, they are attacking innocent civilians enraging the population.. 

US is collecting wrong intelligence on Af-Pak and Mr Holbrooke is being advised incorrectly by whoever is doing so. Obama has stopped short of accepting the truth that India is not interested in attacking Pakistan, history tells so, but harks that the threat to Pakistan is not from India but from within, the terrorists. It also exposes the US guilt of not accepting the true Indian position to any impartial reader of world politics.

Unless India is given its rightful position in mediating in the regional problem of eradicating terrorism from the area, by including it in any serious peace making moves, this problem will forever remain unsolved. And in the process of ensuring the comfort of the present generation, the guilt of the blood of the innocent Afghan civilians killed will be borne by millions of present day Americans and their generations to come !! Let us hope it not be a damning indignation !!

In nature there are no rewards and punishments, only consequences !!


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