Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taliban shoot Pakistani couple for alleged adultery .. Video

And America is helping these rogues in Pakistan, who know nothing but to kill others !! Law of the jungle !!

America is not interested in saving Pakistan with the aid it gives Pak, it is only pushing Pak closer and closer to anarchy, unrest and final destruction with its own contradictions .. 

Pak on the other hand uses the aid to fund Taliban to promote their Islamic Shariat law in Pakistan..

Who is the rogue, America, Pakistan or the Taliban ?? Such a complicated issue, America will find it difficult to wriggle itself out of the imbroglio it has created in Pak ..

With the Taliban ready to take on the Pak govt., the threat to India great ... These Taliban gunmen have been brainwashed to believe their actions are for Islam ...  America wil destroy the world with their skewed foreign policy .. 

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