Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prabhakaran's time has come ?

Part of the editorial from today's Times of India which sums it all..


Politicians in Tamil Nadu must now stop endorsing the LTTE's claim to be the sole representative of Sri Lankan Tamils. The political goals of the LTTE and the concerns of Tamils must be separated. 

The former is a terrorist organisation that has used unbridled violence to promote its vision of a Tamil homeland. From recruiting children as soldiers to building a cult of suicide bombers, the LTTE has revealed itself as a ruthless military outfit with scant respect for democratic values. 

The world would be better off without it.


MDMK's Vaiko and PMK's Ramadoss should understand that they are playing with fire !! Prabhakaran must be made to face justice ..

George Easaw 

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