Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pak wants help from other countries, not advice ..

Pakistan has been fooling the countries of the world saying that it is as much a victim of terrorism as are other countries, but it has to understand this fact before it cries wolf, wolf at the slightest provocation. The terrorists it is complaining about are the same people who have been cultivated and nurtured by Pakistan ISI amd military itself over the years to fight US and India.

Now when the same people have tuned against Pakistan it is crying wolf, pakistan's actions are boomeranging against itself it has nobody else in the world to blame but itself and nobody else in the world to turn to other than itself. Let it first set its house in order.. 

Pakistan should not be entertaining these Islamist radicals (non-state players), Taliban, LET etc to play any role in its affairs..

The situation happening in Pakistan is akin to what happened in Gujarat during the 2002 genocide. As the Hindu zealots went around raping and killing other Indians, the communalist government of Gujarat kept mum and allowed the massacre to continue till everything got over.. As the taliban goes around terrorising people, Pakistan which nurtured and developed these organisations is forced to turn a blind eye and wants other countries to take action against its own civilians.. What strange ..?

This lesson from Pakistan should be enough reason for the BJP/RSS to stop playing the communal card for their selfish ends.. These people need to understand the value of nationalism and patriotism and keep the country and its unity above their self and communal party..

If the BJP/RSS/Sangh Parivar can prove to the country that they love their  country, they will have to stop propagating and dump the divisive teachings, thoughts and ideals of their founders which is clearly meant to dismember India.. Let us work together and develop a stronger India ..


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