Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's now or never .. helping salvage a failing Pak...

A very good editorial in TOI on salvaging a failing Pak from going into total anarchy and unrest..

The fear is that the Taliban ( who according to intelligence have also penetrated into Kashmir) will bring untold harm and misery to Kashmir and India, even threatening the political system here..

An effective intelligence gathering network to collect the details of movement / brainwashing / oiling of their propaganda machinery needs to be put in place.

US should stop its shadow boxing policy on India and tell Pak civilian govt that its eastern neighbour, a world power, cannot be ignored any longer and has to be taken to confidence to help itself from anarchy and arson ...

According to India, US has been playing double standards on its India Af-Pak policy. It wants to help Pak contain the growing influence of Islamic radicals like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and LET on one hand by pumping in money and armaments and on the other does not want to or give the impression that it helping India contain terrorism in the region..

Being the most stable polity in the region, it is an indisputable fact that only India can give the necessary leadership to the region to save it from anarchy and chaos. Even US understands that fact but does not want to accept it publicly, lest its influence in the region wanes away.

In the current scenario, when US has miserably failed in giving the necessary financial leadership to the world, and is being looked down upon as an economically failed state, this public acceptance of India's growing clout in the region would be the last nail in the US' coffin for world dominance..

It is not that US lacks the IQ or intelligence to understand this, rather it does not want to.. Only then can it play a big brother in the region and get away with the spoils..

It is in the better interests of US that the tensions between Pak and India continue lest its importance in the region fades away. As India continues to pay a heavy price for this US' double standards, little does US realise how unrepairable harm it can bring to itself both economically and militarily.. Pushing itself away, from an economic salvation, day by day ..



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