Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Advani and Modi running for cover...

Fully aware that Modi would have to face the grim reality of justice being meted out to him after investigations by the Special Investigation Team constituted by the Supreme Court to go into the excesses committed by the ruling BJP govt in Gujarat during the Godhra massacre, Modi is slowly and cleverly trying to make his guilt work for him.

Modi has already declared that he is ready to go to jail if found guilty, for the Gujaratis.. Is Modi such a big fool to think that all Gujaratis are fools like him, the majority were when they voted him back to power, but now they have learnt the bitter lesson.

Nobody, how powerful and influential he be, can escape the long arms of justice..  It is one hundred percent sure that the perpetrators of the aberrations which happened on our social fabric with the Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra massacre will have to face the law of the land. 

Let this be a grim reminder to the other communal leaders in our country, whatever damage they do to the country's integrity and its social, communal fabric, they will pay a heavy price for that. 

All communal parties and their leaders stand pitifully exposed ..

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