Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taliban shoot Pakistani couple for alleged adultery .. Video

And America is helping these rogues in Pakistan, who know nothing but to kill others !! Law of the jungle !!

America is not interested in saving Pakistan with the aid it gives Pak, it is only pushing Pak closer and closer to anarchy, unrest and final destruction with its own contradictions .. 

Pak on the other hand uses the aid to fund Taliban to promote their Islamic Shariat law in Pakistan..

Who is the rogue, America, Pakistan or the Taliban ?? Such a complicated issue, America will find it difficult to wriggle itself out of the imbroglio it has created in Pak ..

With the Taliban ready to take on the Pak govt., the threat to India great ... These Taliban gunmen have been brainwashed to believe their actions are for Islam ...  America wil destroy the world with their skewed foreign policy .. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Advani and Modi running for cover...

Fully aware that Modi would have to face the grim reality of justice being meted out to him after investigations by the Special Investigation Team constituted by the Supreme Court to go into the excesses committed by the ruling BJP govt in Gujarat during the Godhra massacre, Modi is slowly and cleverly trying to make his guilt work for him.

Modi has already declared that he is ready to go to jail if found guilty, for the Gujaratis.. Is Modi such a big fool to think that all Gujaratis are fools like him, the majority were when they voted him back to power, but now they have learnt the bitter lesson.

Nobody, how powerful and influential he be, can escape the long arms of justice..  It is one hundred percent sure that the perpetrators of the aberrations which happened on our social fabric with the Babri Masjid demolition and the Godhra massacre will have to face the law of the land. 

Let this be a grim reminder to the other communal leaders in our country, whatever damage they do to the country's integrity and its social, communal fabric, they will pay a heavy price for that. 

All communal parties and their leaders stand pitifully exposed ..

Prabhakaran's time has come ?

Part of the editorial from today's Times of India which sums it all..


Politicians in Tamil Nadu must now stop endorsing the LTTE's claim to be the sole representative of Sri Lankan Tamils. The political goals of the LTTE and the concerns of Tamils must be separated. 

The former is a terrorist organisation that has used unbridled violence to promote its vision of a Tamil homeland. From recruiting children as soldiers to building a cult of suicide bombers, the LTTE has revealed itself as a ruthless military outfit with scant respect for democratic values. 

The world would be better off without it.


MDMK's Vaiko and PMK's Ramadoss should understand that they are playing with fire !! Prabhakaran must be made to face justice ..

George Easaw 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pak wants help from other countries, not advice ..

Pakistan has been fooling the countries of the world saying that it is as much a victim of terrorism as are other countries, but it has to understand this fact before it cries wolf, wolf at the slightest provocation. The terrorists it is complaining about are the same people who have been cultivated and nurtured by Pakistan ISI amd military itself over the years to fight US and India.

Now when the same people have tuned against Pakistan it is crying wolf, pakistan's actions are boomeranging against itself it has nobody else in the world to blame but itself and nobody else in the world to turn to other than itself. Let it first set its house in order.. 

Pakistan should not be entertaining these Islamist radicals (non-state players), Taliban, LET etc to play any role in its affairs..

The situation happening in Pakistan is akin to what happened in Gujarat during the 2002 genocide. As the Hindu zealots went around raping and killing other Indians, the communalist government of Gujarat kept mum and allowed the massacre to continue till everything got over.. As the taliban goes around terrorising people, Pakistan which nurtured and developed these organisations is forced to turn a blind eye and wants other countries to take action against its own civilians.. What strange ..?

This lesson from Pakistan should be enough reason for the BJP/RSS to stop playing the communal card for their selfish ends.. These people need to understand the value of nationalism and patriotism and keep the country and its unity above their self and communal party..

If the BJP/RSS/Sangh Parivar can prove to the country that they love their  country, they will have to stop propagating and dump the divisive teachings, thoughts and ideals of their founders which is clearly meant to dismember India.. Let us work together and develop a stronger India ..


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boarding a sinking ship ??

The shift in global hegemony ( boarding a sinking ship...... ??)

An interesting article which I read yesterday was from the Guardian of London authored by Martin Jacques, with the above title... ( the text in parenthesis is my own..) It pains for many to read the article, particularly those who were so confident of the infallibility of the West, at least during their life time.. How safe would we feel boarding a sinking ship ? The migrants who came to US over the years feel the same now. 

The article gives a historical sketch of how after the depression of the 30s, between 1931 and 1945, global power started shifting from London to New York. The end of Britain's financial ascendancy and its replacement by the US.  

From a British colony which killed and silenced the natives ( the original owners) of the land, disguised in their attire to gain rights and independence from the British ( ), supported big time migration of peoples from different parts of the world. Not to forget the brains from Israel, Werner Von Braun and others, it got international recognition as an international power to reckon with. Hiroshima and Nagazaki clinched the deal for the US.

Taoguand Yanghai - this Chinese word translated into English means hide one's capabilities and hide one's time. Exactly what China has been doing. It has been biding its time like a snake in the grass and at the opportune moment it has shown up with all its might ...

Though the rot had set in ten years back and the signs were visible from then with the ascendancy of the Bush team, the intelligentsia failed to grasp it. When the US started to show intolerance to any challenge to its hegemony over the world, little did it know it was the beginning of the end. It failed to realise that there is nothing permanent in this world. The attack on the twin towers irked US pride and prestige to the levels of the 1945 Pearl Harbour attack. Given the US intolerance to reason, this was the trigger which started it off. The utter failure of the  government in bringing peace and reining its enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq added to its woes. Now it is totally dependent on China to help support itself with sticks to prevent what would be a virtual wash-off from the face of earth, if the Islamist radicals were to strike with full force.

There are three phases in this whole transition. The first was the coming to power of a black American as the President of US in 2008. US came to realise the hard fact that it was a weak power not able to prop its "own people" up and was dependent on other nations to retain its role in international affairs. The second was the active role China was willing to take, after its experience at liberalisation over the past three decades to willingness to take an important international role. The third was the onset of the global financial crisis, accentuated by greed and over-confidence of its people at the infallibility of the US economy, even violating basic economic principles.

China pressing for a new global currency ( immediately rejected by US for obvious reasons) and pressing for more rights for the developing countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, in international financial organisations, has sent the shivers down the US spine. Visible signs of imminent threats to a tottering US economy.

China assuming the role of a central player in the global arena and US dependence on it to boost its trade and manufacturing are imminent signs of a power giving into the natural turn of global events.

The tragedy would be to the freedom loving people and the personal aspirations of thousands of people living in bondage..  Freedom for them is still far far away ..
George Easaw 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kombady appachen, eternal abode..

IBM trying to be productive shifting jobs to India ..

IBM to cut thousands of jobs in the West and to shift them to China and India as these countries do these jobs at 10 % of the cost to the company from the Western employees. ie it goes to say that for IBM, a Western/American employee is just 10 % productive as an Indian employee. That is a sad state of affairs !! I am sure this is not the case with all the Industries in the west.

The productivity of industries in India and China as a whole is at least ten times that in the west. The pampered population of the west has slowly started realising where they went wrong.. or are historical wrongs being righted (corrected) now ??

Let us face facts.. If IBM wants to survive as a company then it has to shift to low cost work environments.. Else it will face the same results as General Motors / Ford / Chrysler. GM had physical capital which could not be shifted from one place to the other. IBM on the other hand has the advantage that it has only intellectual capital which can easily be shifted anywhere at short notice..

Constructive destruction, or the term for liquidating oneself and reemerging as a new entity (avatar) in the new environment is what has subsumed GM. GM with an open and heavy heart (prodded by an uncompromising Obama) has taken to it 'whole-heartedly'. The hundred year old IBM is fully aware of this contemporary reality and is trying to keep away from the inevitable as much as possible..

The Computing Tabulating Recording co turned International Business Machines corp strategy to remain afloat is bringing employment to the new wave, highly-productive, low-wage, highly-skilled employees in India and China.

A brief time-line of IBM

No one can work against the natural rhythm and cycle.. At times we have to march to its tunes, though unwillingly .. Egos, get subsumed then !!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's now or never .. helping salvage a failing Pak...

A very good editorial in TOI on salvaging a failing Pak from going into total anarchy and unrest..

The fear is that the Taliban ( who according to intelligence have also penetrated into Kashmir) will bring untold harm and misery to Kashmir and India, even threatening the political system here..

An effective intelligence gathering network to collect the details of movement / brainwashing / oiling of their propaganda machinery needs to be put in place.

US should stop its shadow boxing policy on India and tell Pak civilian govt that its eastern neighbour, a world power, cannot be ignored any longer and has to be taken to confidence to help itself from anarchy and arson ...

According to India, US has been playing double standards on its India Af-Pak policy. It wants to help Pak contain the growing influence of Islamic radicals like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and LET on one hand by pumping in money and armaments and on the other does not want to or give the impression that it helping India contain terrorism in the region..

Being the most stable polity in the region, it is an indisputable fact that only India can give the necessary leadership to the region to save it from anarchy and chaos. Even US understands that fact but does not want to accept it publicly, lest its influence in the region wanes away.

In the current scenario, when US has miserably failed in giving the necessary financial leadership to the world, and is being looked down upon as an economically failed state, this public acceptance of India's growing clout in the region would be the last nail in the US' coffin for world dominance..

It is not that US lacks the IQ or intelligence to understand this, rather it does not want to.. Only then can it play a big brother in the region and get away with the spoils..

It is in the better interests of US that the tensions between Pak and India continue lest its importance in the region fades away. As India continues to pay a heavy price for this US' double standards, little does US realise how unrepairable harm it can bring to itself both economically and militarily.. Pushing itself away, from an economic salvation, day by day ..



Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Alleppey from sea....

beautiful picture of alleppey, courtesy Jonathan Pommier..

Alleppey beach and bridge...

One of the everlasting memories of my SD College Allpeey days with
Manoj, Anand, Mohan, Dinesh, Babu Bhaskar and others...


Data Visualisation Presentation..

Dr. Sukanya explaining the finer aspects of Data Visualisation in R Today 19 July 2019, Business school and Engineering school of Alli...

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