Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Robbing from the begging bowl and other stories !!

American Insurance Group (AIG) has once again demonstrated to the world how greed, recklessness and insensitiveness can get the upper hand of public sympathy ..

If this company was allowed to go bust in the first instance itself, this reckless act of paying bonuses to the top executives from the begging bowl(who helped the company sink into the red and was seen running around with the begging bowl for governmental interference through public taxpayer funds) would not have come up at all.

The act of public-tax payer benevolence in rescuing the sinking AIG, has been misunderstood by the AIG top executives ( very much representative of the average sensibility) as okaying their reckless behaviour of splurge and extravaganza ..

How could Obama not have got outraged, lest he be branded as a dumb and ineffective President, as most of his predecessors ?

AIG top execs not responding on how and to whom these bonuses were to be disbursed, is the icing on the cake which they would repent for a long time to come.

Till the insensitive American public, rises up to the occasion, it is " Privatisation of profits, socialisation of lossses and robbing from the begging bowl" policy .. The American spirit of enterprise, freedom and indomitance being demonstrated to the outside world.. American values being put to the test, overcoming the trials and tribulations !!

American macho is stressed. The values for which leaders like Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy stood for are being tested and it is good that the tests are being overcome most successfully ..

Well done boys !!


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