Sunday, March 01, 2009

Handling oneself in these times of crisis ..

International Labour Organisaton predicts loss of 50 million jobs world wide during 2009.. In other words quoting from a Times of India report, about 4 job losses per minute all over the world.. Jan 26, 2009 saw upto 80,00 job losses world-wide in a day ...

Japanese companies who were considered employee friendly have been laying off workers left and right..

dec 08 Matsushita/Panasonic 15,000

Jan 09 NEC 15,000
Hitachi 7,000
Honda 3,000


Since I understand this is a global phenomenon and nothing can be done, I am more or less mentally prepared to face the consequences..

A workshop, covering social and psychological aspects, on how to handle the economic downturn, when you are the affected party, was planned in our Institute, but got postponed due to poor participation.

This is not the time for any academic discourse on layoffs and dismissals from work, this is the time to reconsolidate our finances, reconsider our commitments, to our family and banks and to have a relook at loans.

Do not jump into financial commitments running into more than two three years, evaluate them very closely.. This is the time to think of alternate means and methods to keep oneself employed, busy and earning for the family. One needs to think with a cool head as to what are our strengths and weaknesses, whether one needs to hone up some skills or not...

If you have not been spending quality time with family, one needs to sit calmly with them and think of ways to overcome this temporary phenomenon. The very first terrifying thoughts which come to one's mind, during such times, is , will I be able to take care of my family, what will they do ?

In fact, you are living for them and if you are able to openly discuss the situation with them , citing all difficulties which some elderly family members may have to endure for a short time, it brings lot of clarity to issues ..

Peace of mind and assurance from family members will definitely take oneself a long way and help tide over the crisis. It is also the time to rediscover one's roots, reconnect with old friends, relatives and acquaintances for whom we never had the time earlier..

To quote from my personal experiences, these days I am spending lot of quality time with family, have realised the value of keeping daily accounts of my expenses, avoid unnecessary expenses, trips, visits to the hotel, impulsive purchases and so on..

Maybe if I am laid off, ( having taken the risk of moving from a very secure, lazy and dull government job to an exciting and risky private sector job),I know it is not due to my incompetence, but it is a natural global restructuring exercise. Maybe this purge the society of unwanted greed, speculation and ethical void.

I am now satisfied with what constitutes a reasonable remuneration for my legitimate needs to take care of my family, family needs and other expenses.

I also realise how important it is now to understand one's roots .. You cannot ignore the route which you came from, your parents and siblings..

They are the only people you can really turn to in these times..

I am preparing myself, are you ?? Better prepare oneself then be taken really by surprise..

cheers ....


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