Friday, March 13, 2009

The great symphony in action !!

$ 50 billion + hopes and aspirations of a few thousand (upmarket, respected) investors = 150 years ...The recipient of this unusual sentence is a 74 year old fraudster and former chairman of NASDAQ .. Bernie Madoff, the respectable private investment banker, who assured investors of a good 10 % returns during times, thick and thin, was the heart-throb of the "gullible" investing public...  

Madoff should have been given more serious model punishment which would have ensured such frauds do not recur.. In the meantime while Madoff cools his heels in the jail, he still remains the most respectable-turned ultimate con of the century !!  

The civilised world is shell-shocked, unable to believe that such respected people still exist .. How perverted is the society which respects him and its values ?? a society which believed everything revolved around money !! The world feels pity for this sad state .. 

The IMF ( the organisation which failed miserably in identifying the crisis as it unfolded) is so quick to state that the recession has hit the Asian countries much harder than the western countries ( maybe to buy peace with its funders and donors) even though it conveniently covers up the fact that it originated from the unethical actions of a few people in the western world... 

Newly educated and presently displaced people looks to Asian countries for new employment opportunities .. Is it not funny ?  

The great "cover-up" symphony in action !!  


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