Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can Pak wash its hands off ???

The terrorist attack this morning on the Sri Lankan cricket team touring Pakistan is re-affirmation of our fears. It is the last nail in the coffin of all Pak excuses and lies to cover up its complicity and ultimate helplessness at how things have gone out of its hands..

Blaming that the terrorist attack in the morning of 3 Mar 2009, was on similar lines as that on Mumbai in Nov 2008, Pakistan is trying to wash its hands off the actions of this group of extremists who are trained and have executed their operations in their homeland and in neighbouring countries, to clockwork precision.

The meeting on 26 Feb between the ISI chief and AlQaeda chief in the border regions of Pakistan is enough indication that there are many people running the show in Pakistan. On the one hand, the civilised face of Pakistan is the President Zardari, PM and others, the other face is of the military under Gen Kayani, remotely controlling the civilian establishment and finally the third face is of the Intelligence service, Inter Service Intelligence ISI, which is remotely controlling Muslim fundamentalist terrorist groups owing allegiance to Taliban and Al Qaeda ..

The incident, besides threatening to change the image of Pakistan in international circles to that of a terrorist, failed state similar to Afghanistan , where gun power and fundamentalism rules over the brain and brawn, hatred and terror over love and compassion, will brand Pakistan as a terror supporting and friendly state. Other countries of the world will think twice before having any negotiations with Pakistan in future..

Buying peace with Taliban by handing over state control in areas of North West Pakistan bordering Afghanistan to Taliban, the present govt of Pakistan has abdicated its right to rule over the country. It is in the process of giving up its responsibility towards its citizens of maintaining law and order and insted is playing into the hands of the ISI and the terrorists. A sad and pitiable state I would not ever wish Pakistan to be in. It is, no doubt, a big threat to India too.

And US still maintaining cordial relations with Pak and considering extending financial aid to it is the topping cream ...

God only can help US and Pakistan ...


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