Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Co2 observatories in space Carbon accountants ....

The satellites released by Japanese Space Exploration Agency JAXA's "Ibuki " (meaning breath) and Nasa's OCO (Orbiting Carbon Observatory) respectively, are the first in the worl sent to observe the Co2 emissions and the resulting warming of the earth. It will be a big boost to understand what constitutes the greatest contributors to Co2 pollution and Co2 absorbers or sinks in the atmosphere.

The ever increasing levels of C02 in the atmosphere from 280 ppm (pre-industrial revolution) to the present day 370 ppm may have been caused as much by human actiions as due to the forest fires or volcanic eruptions and may have been absorbed by the ever green forests of Amazon, Canada and Siberia and the oceans over thousands of years.

These Carbon accountants in space will help keep a tab on the industries or natural actions most polluting the earth's atmosphere and will be able to assess the contributions of the Carbon credits programme.

Credits to Economist, 20 Feb 2009.

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