Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Talibanisation of India ..

Just like the Taliban is trying to bring radical Muslim ideology to Afghanistan and the Western parts of Pakistan, Sri Ram Sena, a fundamentalist outfit, is tying to impose radicalism in Mangalore... The recent attack on girls inside a pub leaves much to be desired about the double standards of these people.

While males can have the way they like, women are supposed to be subservient to the males and models for the society. Why this double standards for men.??

The government in Karnataka is still dillydallying in arresting the real culprits who were behind the attacks on the defenceless women inside the pub.

Why did not the Sri Ram Sena attack the men inside the pub and speak of culture values to them ?? Pure hypocrisy ...

This is absurd and needs to be resisted by all means.. Men and women are born equal and men cannot have their own way leaving women at the mercy of men. It is only by treating them as our equals and with respect, the society can improve.. Else we can expect Talibanisation of our country to start from Mangalore by these Hindu zealots which can have very damaging repercussions on the society and country at large.


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