Monday, February 09, 2009

Talibanisation in Mangalore..

The BJP / RSS combine have once again shown to the country and the world how they and their cadres are ever ready to disturb communal harmony in society ?? How they could get intolerant of other communities and exhibit gender bias .. The way they can get aggresive about the double standards in protecting the culture..

Like the way they have treated women in one of the pubs in Mangalore.. The pubs have been open for women have come under the attack of the followers of Sree Ram Sena who molest these young women. The guts of the men in attacking these unarmed members of the weaker sex !! To top it, the same group issues threats on how they will marry out couples found moving together on Valentiner's day. The BJP government is unfortunately playing hide and seek, arresting some members, but very lackadaisical in their approach, not really wanting to do anything against their RSS supporters...

Similarly a group of men , again these same right wing fundamentalists, attack a malayali girl, studying in st Aloysius Mangalore travelling in a bus and talking to a Muslim friend. The attackers, too gutsy again, were shouting to her how Christians and Muslims are the untouchables and warned her not to speak with anybody other than Hindus.. The govt once again has shown how tardy the Police machinery can be in arresting the supporters of the govt. 

Is this not an expression of the frustration of these RSS supporters who are out to Talibanise India with the ruling govt in Karnataka playing second fiddle ?? Another RSS man, the state Home Minister V S Acharya was reported in the newspapers as saying that the media which was sensationalising such issues need to be reined in... Does the media need a Godfather to tell them what they should report and what not ?? Should press freedom be decided by these fascists ?? When will they understand the fascist nature of their party ?? 

Can we afford another communal segregation in the society ? If that is what is needed for realising the dream of  Hindu Rashtra, 

Can we afford another another Third Reich or Taliban in India ??


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