Sunday, February 08, 2009

MGOCSM / Youth League One day conference at Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Hebbal, Bangalore, 15 Feb '09.

The Hebbal, Bangalore unit of MGOCSM and Youth League under Mar
Gregorios Orthodox Church Hebbal, is organising a one day conference
on 15 February, 2009 in the church.

The theme of the conference is " Who am I ?? ", a search to find the
spiritual identity of the youth of today in the midst of change,
globalisation and turbulence resulting from the economic downturn.

The main speakers include
Fr Ninan George, Vice Principal of St Thomas Orthodox Theological
Seminary, Nagpur.
Fr Philip Kuruvilla, former Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)
consultant on HIV and AIDS and
Fr Dr George Pulikkottil, Bursar at St Thomas Orthodox Theological
Seminary, Nagpur.

Wishing the conference all success and hope it leads to very
meaningful discussions and deliberations among the youth and senior
MGOCSM and Youth League members of Bangalore Orthodox parishes.

George Easaw Ph.D.

Xavier Inst of Management and En'ship,
Bangalore, 560100, India.

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