Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Indian Election Commission members on collision course ..

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India wants to oust his compatriot ..

Being first among three, the CEC has recommended to the President to remove Mr. Navin Chawla, one of the Election Commissioners.

A big debate is going on in the media related to whether the CEC has the constitutional authority to independently recommend the ouster of an EC, other than on the request of the President, the appointing authority.

As per information in the media, the President has certainly not asked for any report from the CEC. In that case on what basis has CEC taken this hasty decision to recommend the removal of the EC Navin Chawla ?

The fear is whether the CEC Mr GopalaSwamy is misusing his constitutional office for some petty reasons or to settle petty scores. If the Government has no intention to follow up on the CEC recommendation, it will be difficult for the Election Commission to conduct free and impartial elections in the coming elections for the Lok Sabha.

It is also feared whether there are any political parties playing behind the scene trying to gain political mileage out of this issue..

Indian democracy has faced even tough weather and overcome it. There lies its robustness ..


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