Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will Obama follow his predecessors or be different ??

Will US policy to the outside world change?? The world is very closely and intently following how US would live upto the words of Obama..

Now that the administration is in the hands of the descendents of the slaves who built US (let us not forget even the CAPITOL, which was built from slave labour !!) , its farms and industries from scratch, we can hope the sensitivity will change a bit..

As Obama was giving his brilliant inaugural speech last night ( he is a terrific orator, no doubt..), he mentioned that US wants to be friends of all countries. But they have estranged so many countries with their high handed bully attitude, for the selfish concerns of maintaining the status quo as the most powerful country on earth.  It is no doubt a herculean task ..

Words and oratorial skills won't take Obama anywhere .. until he is able to translate them to action ...

After withdrawing from Iraq, going after terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan should be his top priority, unless he is hellbent on following the usual American style, double standards..

Meddling in Kashmir is welcome, but if only and when asked for !!

Obama has not spoken publicly about China as yet, maybe he has to understand China somewhat better before he can utter any nonsensical irritating utterances .. Very agreeable tactic, given that the dragon is now inching behind US and Japan and can overtake them anytime soon to be the top economy of the world !!

Gaza and Israel will bring to limelight US' bias in Palestine .. ( Lehman brothers is gone, Solomon brothers also may crumble, with reduced Israeli interests in Washington,  Palestine and Israel will be a high risk and expensive proposition for US to be meddling for long !!)

Time can tell !!


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