Saturday, January 03, 2009

What can India do if Pak does not react ??

If Pak does not react and take cognisance of any proof provided by India as regards the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26 November, what can India do ?

The more proof India supplies, the more Pak goes into denial mode, either saying the proof is not good enough, or it won't work in Pakistan ( we know Pakistan is a country where rule of law is so very strictly followed..).

Closing its eyes on such naked aggression of another country's sovereignty by Pak citizens, does it bade well for Pak itself in the long run? Is it a sense of helplessness as it has no control over the non-state players or is it trying to get the upper edge on India through belligerant statements or denials, instigating India to aggression, I do not know what is forcing Pak to remain quiet and silent.

India is exercising utmost restraint in this case. It knows its hands are tied. It needs support from other countries of the world to fight this war against terrorism. Violence will bring in violence and will polarise countries, who are presently neutral to their camp. India can ill afford that at this instance.

India should try to mobilise international opinion to contain the threat of violence and terrorism emanating from any country of the world, not only from Pakistan. With the world opinion building up against Pakistan, pressurising Pak to transfer its so called non-state actors to India for being tried in terrorist violence is the only option.

We cannot afford to waste our resources fighting a useless war with Pak, which is not going to end any sooner. We are witnesses to the lessons learnt by US in its hurried response to the attacks on WTC. Against Al Queda, against Afghanistan , which is nothing compared to US, it is a battle which is taking it nowhere. US has to spend trillions of dollars fighting the Taliban, Al Queda and to keep its reputation. It is continuing to aid countries supporting terrorism in the name of containing terrorism. 

While the US has divine powers to attack any country supporting terrorism when its actions affect US, it advises other countries not to attack and exercise utmost restraint.

America needs to understand that the fight against terrorism cannot be biased, it has to be unbiased attacking the roots of terrorism.

India can learn from the US bitter experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some restraint is only going to reduce the damage and improve its image in the comity of nations as a peaceloving country.

From our limited positions and areas of influence wherever in the world we are, we as peaceloving Christians, can build up opinion in favour of our yearning for peace, if that is the least we can do for our country to bring peace in this part of the world and hence of the world.  

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