Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wests' double standards on terrorism ..

When the world was under the impression that the West had seen through its double standards of fighting terrorism all by itself, comes the statement by UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on the contrary. Can someone help the West and Pakistan clear their confused state of mind and internal contradictions ??

Even though Western citizens were held as hostages in Mumbai on 26 November and killed subsequently, the West seems to be afraid of enraging Pakistani establishment on the issue of terrorism. The West does not seem to come out of its double standards as regards eliminating terrorism from one of its most strongest allies, Pakistan.

One day, important functionaries in US govt like the Secretary of State or his deputy while in India, come up with statements against terrorism and need to eliminate it, the next day while they are in Pakistan they come up with statements contrary, saying they are satisfied with action taken by Pakistan to tackle terrorism and are impressed by the Pakistani government desire to contain terrorism and so on. We are aware of the need for the Western countries not to shift Pak military focus from its Western border to its Eastern border. Even if India suffers, what is in it for us, is the West response. Quite typical ..

Why this shift in stands ?? It baffles anybody any day .. Maybe, this is the only way the West thinks it can handle India ??

Pakistan too claims it is suffering from terrorism, but of its own making.. It has a very relaxed set of rules very soft on religious fundamentalism. Why should India suffer because of Pak's soft attitude to religious terrorists ?? 

India, no doubt, the largest and most active democracy in the world, a cause for envy,  is still showing restraint and will continue to do so. This Pakistani menace cannot be dealt with war. 

The dissonant notes coming from the President Zardari, who claims to be a victim of terrorism himself, having lost his wifeBenazir, PM Gilani who seems to be still unclear whether he is with Al-Queda or Pak ISI and the third group, the Pak Military and ISI. All of them are giving different opinions thru the media which is confusing not only international media, but insiders within Pakistan itself. 

The recent sacking of Pak NSA Muhammad Ali Durrani was a fallout of this bitter war of control within Pak establishment. It is hoped that very soon it will be clear who is actually calling the shots in Pakistan. It is to that party that all efforts need to be directed. And in all likelihood it is the Pak army under Gen Kayani.( History of 50 years tells us so..)

As Home Minister Chidambaram was mentioning the other day, another terrorist attack and Pakistan would have lost its moral stand and will be fully exposed. India may decide the future course of action then ..


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