Monday, January 12, 2009

Vist of HH Abuna Paulose - relevance..

The Indian Orthodox Church, the oldest in the country, more than 2000 years old, had recently invited the Patriarch of Ethiopia, of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the member of the Oiental Orthodox Chirches, for the culmination programme of the centenary of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Students Movement , (MGOCSM), the oldest students Movement in the country in Parumala, Kerala, India.

It was not much earlier that I was going thru a report from the National Geographic Society and their Human genographic project , to analyse the diversity of the human genome. To trace the origins of human migration, or a common trace of evidence from genes collected all over the world.

The study points to the fact that humans first migrated from the eastern coast of Africa about 60,000 years ago. From the Ethiopian coast, humans migrated to diff parts of the world. And being the parent civlization of the human race, we can expect their civilization to be the superior one of all the other ones..

History and science is providing evidence to establish their superiority, the fertile lands around the river Nile, the Egyptian civilization, Coptic Church, Pharoahs, the pyramids what not.. ?? 

Even though somewhere in between they lost the continuity, the Indian Orthodox Church has by this invitation of the Ptriarch of the Ethiopian Church has given back to them part of the respect and reverence which they have for long been denied.

Cheers to the MGOCSM leaders for choosing this apt personality last year on 31 Dec 2008 for the centenary of MGOCSM, for reminding the world the roots of human civilization and its richness ..

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