Friday, January 09, 2009

US and Pakistan starting to behave ..

India has managed to get the US govt to behave and act impartially in containing terrorism in any part of the world, even if t is from one of its strongest allies... 

In a hard hitting interview given by David Mulford, the US Ambassador to India, to the media, where he plainly accuses Pakistan complicity in the Mumbai terror attacks, ( he has spoken just short of Pakistani govt complicity in Mumbai terror attacks), the US govt has indicated to be impartial in its fight against terrorism.

It will fight the Mumbai terrorists and has finally promised to help India to get the terrorists from Pakistan soil.

Joe Biden ( Obama VP elect) is in Pakistan on his first visit and hopefully carries Obama's mind to be strict on containing terrorism and terror training camps in Pakistan,

It was a bitter sight to see Pak PM Gilani complying with the requirements of the International community and talking in few words of the findings of the internal probe into the contents of the Mumbai terror dossier supplied by India. This is a big blow to the belligerent stand of Pakistan and its dreams of living by constant denials. Earlier it had rejected the same dossier as not being enough proof to indict any Pakistani complicity in Mumbai terror. Now having to eat his own words, this is indeed a strong diplomatic victory for India.

India is slowly managing to get Pak to behave without the use of the "awe and surprise attacks". Without firing a single bullet, India has managed to get the US and Pakistan to toe the Indian line and help India on the terror issue. India's restraint in the first instance is finally bearing fruit. 

We have learnt from the bitter lessons of the past that bullets and bombs can only bring more bullets and bombs. We have used diplomatic initiatives to settle the issue before  thinking of using force against Pak. ( though some quarters in US would have wanted a war between the two neighbouring countries to rescue the drowning US economy..)

If only US had shown the same wisdom and restraint after 9/11 ...  Can we expect anything else from the perpetrators of Marias, Camp Grant and Wounded Knee massacres on the native and original owners of America ?


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