Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pakistan, a failed, terrorist and rogue state .. ??

Indian media is full of reports of evidences of Pakistani complicity in the Mumbai terror attacks. The Indian PM has even accused it if using terrorism as a state policy in its dealing with other countries. 

Pakistan is in a constant state of denial to whatever proof is provided of Pakistani complicity in Mumbai terror attacks by India, US and UK. What can India and the civilized world do to help Pakistan come out of it's state of fear of being exposed.. The fear of being labelled a rogue state is constantly haunting Pakistan. That fear is preventing it from accepting facts and truths and reforming itself.

Pakistan is first and foremost afraid of being exposed as a failed state. The rule of law does not work on terrorist organisations who use Pak territory for training recruits to violent ways and terrorism. 

It is afraid of being exposed as a terrorist state. Its citizens are actively involved in terrorist activities now in Mumbai as also in earlier occasions in other parts of the world. The Indian PM was blunt in stating that Pakistan is the epicentre of global terrorism.

It is afraid of being labelled as a rogue state. It acquired all its missile and nuclear capability clandestinely either from China or North Korea. If and when this illegal route of proliferation gets blocked, Pakistan will cease to exist as a country. It would have disintegrated on its own domestic disparities and conflicting stances.

Instead of accepting that there are terrorist elements operating from within Pakistan and containing them would do good not only to improve its image internationally and with India, Pakistan by remaining in a state of denial is missing out on a golden opportunity to reform its society and take the country forward economically and socially and earning for itself respect in the comity of nations.

Hope good sense prevails upon its leaders.. 

Pakistan is a glowing example of how religious fundamentalism can prove the unmaking and disintegration of a country .. Comparing with India, it is nowhere.. It has some importance because it is working together with US  in the war against terror and with China to contain India. It is definitely a big nuisance value to India, but not a threat at all. It hopes India will react to its war cries, illogical accusations and constant denials..

It is totally mistaken ..


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