Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mess Pak finds itself in ...

Pakistan is in deep mess ....

When America indirectly indicated that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the terror centres of the world, the Pakistan nationals and its war mongering, hate peddling army generals could not have expected more. They would have got a shock of their lives..

The recent attempts by Taliban from Afghanistan to impose its writ on the North Western areas of Pakistan, by banning girls from attending school and punishing men who dared to shave is simply going to the other extreme. Taliban wants to make Pakistan another Afghanistan or anarchistan ..

The Islamic terrorists and the army generals from ISI who help and promote these extremists to continue with their destructive activities in the name of harming India, long time enemy of Pakistan, over Kashmir, is yet to understand the futility of their destructive actions.

These activities are not helping take their country forward even an inch, it is only taking them back hundreds of years. The investment in time, money and effort required to bring  Pakistan back into mainstream activities of development and progress is going to be tremendous.

By sending some terrorists to Mumbai and remaining in perpetual denial mode as to the origin and training of these terrorists, is only going to damage Pakistan, it is not going to dent India's reputation as a peace loving nation and pull back its growth on the path to super power status.

The terrorists and their military and  political leaders in Pakistan need to understand that it is growth and development through hard work and enterprise which will take a nation forward and not destruction and extremism.

As Obama quoted in his Presidential Inaugural speech, the leaders in Pakistan if they wish to be remembered need to do it by constructing a new and vibrant Pakistan and not destroy the exisitng one. As the Pakistani intellectual Talat Mahmood has also quoted, if Pakistan and its citizen do not understand this plain truth as early as possible, it will only result in producing a generation of youngsters who know nothing else other than to fight.

A very tragic and pitiable sitution Pakistan will find itself in after all these years of independence. It is also a situation which India, would not like to find its neighbour to be in at any point of time.


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