Thursday, January 08, 2009

The gloom at Satyam HQ and around, the day after ..

This morning, 8 Jan 09, I went to see what was happening at the Satyam campus headquarters in Electronic city, Bangalore, India, which is just 100 m from where I stay. 

Some snaps are included..  Their majestic headquarters was mostly deserted with skeletal staff manning operations for their major clients. A pall of gloom has descended on the campus ...

The employees were scattered three to four in a group, right under the trees outside the main gate, discussing with fear and trepidation of their future. I stopped right in front of the campus ( did not take photographs, I would have enraged a few of them..) and took a tea from the roadside stall. 

The chaiwalla ( tea vendor ) was telling me how his business has reduced to less than 50 %. No taxis, no vans and very few buses .. From about 40 - 60 buses, the skeletal service of 10 to 20 only is running now. A snap of the deserted road is ample proof of the ground reality. On the right of the road is th Satyam campus, a big one with palatial buildings and well maintained gardens, and on the left is the GE campus.

I was talking to the friendly nearby bakery owner, where I frequent often, he was telling how from Rs 4000 a day, his business has dwindled to less than 2500/-. The roads which usually had cars and buses plying upto 11 PM in the night, now is deserted by 8.30 PM. Even if a murder happens nobody will realise that till the next day morning.. Slowly turning into a ghost town ??

India IT is under a process of accelerated loss of glamour and sheen in these times of recession and fraud.!! Reduced pay packets and perks, has resulted in hotels frantically scouting for customers, roadside vendors endlessly waiting for customers and cloth / stationery / fancy stores getting deserted.. 

People have learnt  a hard lesson, spend wisely in these times of stress and gloom.. No extravaganza, else repent...


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