Saturday, January 24, 2009

George Mitchell to Middle East and Richsrd Holbroke to Pak-afghanistan

Obama has thought his strategies well or he has been getting solid advice from his deputies.

Just two days into his term as the President of the United States, the appointment of George Mitchell who shepherded the Irish people to settle the Irish insurgency, as the new representative in the Middle East, may well signal the solution to the painstaking Middle East conflict. 

The appointment of Richard Holbrooke as the envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan shows that US looks at both these countries as potential threats to world peace as terrorists come from both of these countries.  With a rich history of having handled sensitive diplomatic assignments and having helped sort out the Balkan crisis, Holbrooke will indeed help Pakistan to sort out its internal contradictions and threats to world peace emanating from its territory.

It is indeed worth waiting and watching these developments and its consequences unfold in the coming days.


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