Saturday, January 17, 2009

Asianet IDEA Star Singer ... Winner by all counts ..

Asianet IDEA Star Singer 2007 and 2008 Reality Musical shows have exposed Malayalis in different parts of the world to Malayali culture and songs like never before ...

When the old melodies are sung out, it brings back fond memories of the 50s and 60s and is the attraction for the elderly among us. When semi-classical songs are rendered it endears the classical and serious minded among us. If they are the melodies, everyone, young and old ailke, are attracted to those numbers.. The mappila songs bring back memories of North Kerala. Duets bring romantic moods. Asianet Star Singer is a mix of all moods, feelings and memories..

There has been no other programme in recent TV history in Kerala which has endeared people so much to the visual media. 8.30 Pm to 9.30 PM the old and young alike are glued to their TVs in Kerala. Most of the Malayali crowd outside Kerala also are endeared to this programme like never before..

The sense of competition and the desire to do better than the rest, has seen that the competition maintains very high standards. The video photography, the choreography in all the cases, the excellent and terrific background orchestra ( in fact they are responsible for a good part of the success of any performer), the very knowledgeable panel of celebrated judges, time management of Asianet are all great factors worthy of commenting.. (though the heavy advertising is a pain at times.. but that is economics..)

This reality Show from Asianet is not only helping the cultural scene of Kerala, getting back all the goldies of the yesteryears and being sown back into the public mind, it is also helping unite Malayalis with their unique sense of culture and zest for life .. The programme and competition which is spread over a year, takes care to see that all major Malayali festivals are also celebrated by the participants at the right time thru the programme. 

Thanks are due to the Confident Group from Bangalore for sponsoring the Mega Prize for the best male and female singer of 2008, a rupees one crore villa in Kerala each or a Rs one crore flat in Dubai.. To IDEA too for sponsoring this event in the first instance ....

Thanks also to the medium of the Internet and revolution in Information Technology, which makes it possible for this interaction at a high level.


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