Thursday, January 01, 2009

Apt beginning for the new year !!

The New Year church service was to start in the st GregoriosOrthodox Cathedral church at Johnson Market at 5 .15 am. Left home at 5 am and reached the church exactly in 15 mins. The distance , app 15 kms, which on a sunday morn takes 40 mins, and a week day evening upto 1.5 hrs, I completed in just 15 mins. could not believe it..( after the Kerala trip, have become a bit more comfortable or aggressive, don't know what on the road..) A good way to start the new year..

New Year Resolutions are

1. Never procrastinate
2. take life in its stride
3. publish or perish ....
4. read and write more...
5. Help as many people as you can !!

Wish you a happy new year ..


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  1. Just got to see the comments about Thangu brother.. I have attended some prayer meetings of heavenly feast. Some how I have a personal disliking to them.. my thought went like.. oh these guys in three piece suits..preaches to the one's who are struggling for the day to day life.. but for me. when I started attending them.... some unbeleivable things happened to my life.. again I can make myself beleive that these things happend to me were not miracle.. but are scienific..Still I think Br. Thangu or any guys out there ..all bishops. pastors and so called guys belongs to the institutionalised church or common man who are leads in the the edavaka (thinking they are the the most pious X'tians all over the world and the shining stars in the edvaka) might fakes or not fakes.. There are frauds in every walk of life every church..but what it matters for me.. I participate in a prayer meeting.. I participate in a rosary.. I participate in a matters to's going to be my personal experience.. if thangu leads the prayer.. it dosent mean like I am praying to thangu.. if a preist leads a mass dose not mean < i am praying to the preist..The core is every prayer we make is personal experience for me..some times it may be made by frauds..we have legal take care of the frauds.. who ever is making fraud ultimately will be infront of the law.. or atleas infront of the people..and if have any doubt..these guys are making money from me.. just dont give any money to them.. I had this doubt about heavenly feast.r these guys.. most of the leaders are failed buisness tycoons, making money from us..then I thought I am not going to give any single pie to them.. I attended there meeting in kerala and in london.. america.. but I am not going to give them money.. to be abuse it for pesonal gains.. I will give it to the poor.still I will participate in their prayer because I am not praying to them .. I am experiencing Jesus when I pray with them..ok DR. George.. dont blame any christian community.. God will not forgive that


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