Thursday, January 29, 2009

XIME International Conference of BRICS countries..

Conference of BRICS Business Schools

January 31, 2009 at XIME, Bangalore, India

It was in 2001 that the US investment bank, Goldman Sachs, coined the acronym BRIC to categorize the leadingemerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China–which have the potential to rank as the four dominant economies of the world by 2050.

Since then the world has warmed to this defining idea about the twenty first century.

In the coming years, BRIC countries will be seen cooperating in several fields, ranging from the World Trade Organization (WTO) to non-governmental programmes and initiatives. The process of globalization will draw considerable strength and purpose from such cooperation.

Management education is a field which should have the pride of place among the possible areas of cooperation among BRIC countries. For in all the four countries, developing managers for their expanding domains of business and industry is a formidable task demanding much by way of ideas, resources and execution. Sharing of experiences through academic exchanges and cooperation among their business schools is bound to provide enormous benefits to faculty and students alike.

This was the guiding thought which led the Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (XIME) to hold a conclave of BRIC Business Schools in January 2008. The event was organized as part of a seminar on "Management Education in a Globalizing World" – and it proved to be an auspicious starting point. All the more so, because the conference also added another country to the group – South Africa, the leading economy of the African continent – the acronym now becoming BRICS and representing all the five continents.

Following this seminal initiative, another conference to pursue the theme of cooperation among business schools in BRIC countries took place in Shanghai last April. This was followed by a conference with wider participation which was held in Moscow last October, hosted by the State University of Management. A Memorandum of cooperation among BRICS universities was signed on this occasion.

The idea of cooperation in the field of management education having progressed so far, XIME is now hosting another conference of select business schools from BRICS countries entitled "Conference of BRICS Business Schools" during January 30-31, 2009. The venue is the XIME campus at Electronics City in Bangalore.

This conference will bring together representatives of business schools from all the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in an exceptional gathering. They will discuss not only possibilities of exchanges and cooperation in the field of management education, but also deliberate on issues of common concern to BRICS countries in the context of the present global economic slow down.

Presentations at the conference from delegates will include :

  • Managerial Capacity building for Russia's Economy

  • Industry-Academia Collaboration in Brazil

  • China's Special Economic Zones

  • Entrepreneurship Training and Development in China

  • Prospects for Cooperation in Management Education between China and other BRICS Countries

  • MBA Curriculum Development Issues in China

  • What South Africa can bring into BRICS

This is truly a 'BRICS moment' as it is the first-time that such a gathering is taking place and deliberating on issues of topical importance to management schools in these leading emerging nations of the world.

Venue : Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Electronic City Phase II

Date : 31 January, 2009

Time : 9 AM

The Conference would get over by 3.30 PM.

XIME feels immensely privileged to host such a conference.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

St Marys Orthodox Church Jalahalli, Bangalore is now Valiapalli ...

25 January saw St Mary's Orthodox Church Jalahalli Bangalore being conferred the Valiapalli status .. Being the oldest church in Bangalore starting the first service on Aug 15, 1966, in the premises of the CSI church at Jalahalli, after 42 years St Marys Orthodox Church presently at Kalathur Layout, finally got the recognition which was long overdue. It was elevated to the status of Valiappali by the Metropolitan of the Chennai diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church, HG Yakub Mar Irenius.

The colourful function saw HG Mar Irenius reading out the order from the Catholicos, HG Didymos I from Kottayam in the church amidst the rejoicings and bursting of crackers.

The function which started with the Holy Qurbana went upto 1.30 PM. More than 1000 people from different churches and denominations from Bangalore took part in the celebrations and shared the joy of the parishioners..

Al speakers, wic also included priests from the CSI and Catholic congregations, were unanimous in their hopes that the Vicar Fr T M Jacob and the 300 families of the parish will continue to show VALIA (big) hospitality, generosity, spirituality in the coming days and be a model parish for Christians in bangalore. 


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mess Pak finds itself in ...

Pakistan is in deep mess ....

When America indirectly indicated that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the terror centres of the world, the Pakistan nationals and its war mongering, hate peddling army generals could not have expected more. They would have got a shock of their lives..

The recent attempts by Taliban from Afghanistan to impose its writ on the North Western areas of Pakistan, by banning girls from attending school and punishing men who dared to shave is simply going to the other extreme. Taliban wants to make Pakistan another Afghanistan or anarchistan ..

The Islamic terrorists and the army generals from ISI who help and promote these extremists to continue with their destructive activities in the name of harming India, long time enemy of Pakistan, over Kashmir, is yet to understand the futility of their destructive actions.

These activities are not helping take their country forward even an inch, it is only taking them back hundreds of years. The investment in time, money and effort required to bring  Pakistan back into mainstream activities of development and progress is going to be tremendous.

By sending some terrorists to Mumbai and remaining in perpetual denial mode as to the origin and training of these terrorists, is only going to damage Pakistan, it is not going to dent India's reputation as a peace loving nation and pull back its growth on the path to super power status.

The terrorists and their military and  political leaders in Pakistan need to understand that it is growth and development through hard work and enterprise which will take a nation forward and not destruction and extremism.

As Obama quoted in his Presidential Inaugural speech, the leaders in Pakistan if they wish to be remembered need to do it by constructing a new and vibrant Pakistan and not destroy the exisitng one. As the Pakistani intellectual Talat Mahmood has also quoted, if Pakistan and its citizen do not understand this plain truth as early as possible, it will only result in producing a generation of youngsters who know nothing else other than to fight.

A very tragic and pitiable sitution Pakistan will find itself in after all these years of independence. It is also a situation which India, would not like to find its neighbour to be in at any point of time.


George Mitchell to Middle East and Richsrd Holbroke to Pak-afghanistan

Obama has thought his strategies well or he has been getting solid advice from his deputies.

Just two days into his term as the President of the United States, the appointment of George Mitchell who shepherded the Irish people to settle the Irish insurgency, as the new representative in the Middle East, may well signal the solution to the painstaking Middle East conflict. 

The appointment of Richard Holbrooke as the envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan shows that US looks at both these countries as potential threats to world peace as terrorists come from both of these countries.  With a rich history of having handled sensitive diplomatic assignments and having helped sort out the Balkan crisis, Holbrooke will indeed help Pakistan to sort out its internal contradictions and threats to world peace emanating from its territory.

It is indeed worth waiting and watching these developments and its consequences unfold in the coming days.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will Obama follow his predecessors or be different ??

Will US policy to the outside world change?? The world is very closely and intently following how US would live upto the words of Obama..

Now that the administration is in the hands of the descendents of the slaves who built US (let us not forget even the CAPITOL, which was built from slave labour !!) , its farms and industries from scratch, we can hope the sensitivity will change a bit..

As Obama was giving his brilliant inaugural speech last night ( he is a terrific orator, no doubt..), he mentioned that US wants to be friends of all countries. But they have estranged so many countries with their high handed bully attitude, for the selfish concerns of maintaining the status quo as the most powerful country on earth.  It is no doubt a herculean task ..

Words and oratorial skills won't take Obama anywhere .. until he is able to translate them to action ...

After withdrawing from Iraq, going after terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan should be his top priority, unless he is hellbent on following the usual American style, double standards..

Meddling in Kashmir is welcome, but if only and when asked for !!

Obama has not spoken publicly about China as yet, maybe he has to understand China somewhat better before he can utter any nonsensical irritating utterances .. Very agreeable tactic, given that the dragon is now inching behind US and Japan and can overtake them anytime soon to be the top economy of the world !!

Gaza and Israel will bring to limelight US' bias in Palestine .. ( Lehman brothers is gone, Solomon brothers also may crumble, with reduced Israeli interests in Washington,  Palestine and Israel will be a high risk and expensive proposition for US to be meddling for long !!)

Time can tell !!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mitsubishi too closing factory for 3 weeks ..

Recession and slump n demand in US and European markets does not spare even the fuel efficient Japanese car makers !!

Mitsubishi Motors, the third largest automaker in Japan is closing its Mizushima plant for three weeks. Rising inventory of unsold vehicles die to a slump in demand in western markets is said to be responsible for the low offtake of vehicles. Profits are likely to slump by 42 % to 20 billion Yuan ( $220 million) this year.

Toyota has earlier predicted a 22 %  reduction in production (loss of 150 billion yuan), while Honda the no 2 automobile maker had reported reduction of production by 9 %. 

Suzuki in India had not so  far reported any cut in production. But Ford, Tata Motors, Hyundai are passing through difficult times and are reportedly going slow on production plans until the inventory moves out from the factory and the dealers. Some of them are offering price cuts of about Rs. 30,000/-


Monday, January 19, 2009

Toyota Yaris hatchback 2009

Looks great, mileage superb ...

maybe very soon it will get released in India..


MGOCSM One day Conference Bangalore, 26 Jan

Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement (MGOCSM) St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral, Bangalore unit is hosting a One day conference in the Church on Monday, 26 January, 2009. (under the guidance of Fr T K Thomas, Vicar and Fr Idichandy, Asst Vicar)

The theme of the Conference is "It's My Life".

Rev Dr. Fr. V M Abraham, All India Gen Secretary, MGOCSM is the main speaker speaking on the spiritual aspects of the theme for the MGOCSM members and youngsters from the different Orthodox parishes of Bangalore.

A blog posting has been made of the conference on

For a detailed schedule of the programme for the day and to know about the other speakers, pl. logon to the blog given above.

Your prayers are solicited for making this conference a success ..


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prashob singing Pramadavanam on Asianet Star Singer 2008 ...

simply terrific ....


Asianet IDEA Star Singer ... Winner by all counts ..

Asianet IDEA Star Singer 2007 and 2008 Reality Musical shows have exposed Malayalis in different parts of the world to Malayali culture and songs like never before ...

When the old melodies are sung out, it brings back fond memories of the 50s and 60s and is the attraction for the elderly among us. When semi-classical songs are rendered it endears the classical and serious minded among us. If they are the melodies, everyone, young and old ailke, are attracted to those numbers.. The mappila songs bring back memories of North Kerala. Duets bring romantic moods. Asianet Star Singer is a mix of all moods, feelings and memories..

There has been no other programme in recent TV history in Kerala which has endeared people so much to the visual media. 8.30 Pm to 9.30 PM the old and young alike are glued to their TVs in Kerala. Most of the Malayali crowd outside Kerala also are endeared to this programme like never before..

The sense of competition and the desire to do better than the rest, has seen that the competition maintains very high standards. The video photography, the choreography in all the cases, the excellent and terrific background orchestra ( in fact they are responsible for a good part of the success of any performer), the very knowledgeable panel of celebrated judges, time management of Asianet are all great factors worthy of commenting.. (though the heavy advertising is a pain at times.. but that is economics..)

This reality Show from Asianet is not only helping the cultural scene of Kerala, getting back all the goldies of the yesteryears and being sown back into the public mind, it is also helping unite Malayalis with their unique sense of culture and zest for life .. The programme and competition which is spread over a year, takes care to see that all major Malayali festivals are also celebrated by the participants at the right time thru the programme. 

Thanks are due to the Confident Group from Bangalore for sponsoring the Mega Prize for the best male and female singer of 2008, a rupees one crore villa in Kerala each or a Rs one crore flat in Dubai.. To IDEA too for sponsoring this event in the first instance ....

Thanks also to the medium of the Internet and revolution in Information Technology, which makes it possible for this interaction at a high level.


Asianet Star Singer 2008, Prashobh's terrific performance ..

worth watching...


A good collection of Asianet star singer video recordings ..

one of the best semi-classical performances of 2008 by Rahul Lakshman and Vivekanandan...

enjoy... Indeed Asianet star singer both 2007 and 2008 have aroused public appreciation of Malayalam songs, old and new, classical and semi, tamil, fast and slow, mappila songs, what not ?? like never before..

you will never regret the cultural treat ..!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wests' double standards on terrorism ..

When the world was under the impression that the West had seen through its double standards of fighting terrorism all by itself, comes the statement by UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on the contrary. Can someone help the West and Pakistan clear their confused state of mind and internal contradictions ??

Even though Western citizens were held as hostages in Mumbai on 26 November and killed subsequently, the West seems to be afraid of enraging Pakistani establishment on the issue of terrorism. The West does not seem to come out of its double standards as regards eliminating terrorism from one of its most strongest allies, Pakistan.

One day, important functionaries in US govt like the Secretary of State or his deputy while in India, come up with statements against terrorism and need to eliminate it, the next day while they are in Pakistan they come up with statements contrary, saying they are satisfied with action taken by Pakistan to tackle terrorism and are impressed by the Pakistani government desire to contain terrorism and so on. We are aware of the need for the Western countries not to shift Pak military focus from its Western border to its Eastern border. Even if India suffers, what is in it for us, is the West response. Quite typical ..

Why this shift in stands ?? It baffles anybody any day .. Maybe, this is the only way the West thinks it can handle India ??

Pakistan too claims it is suffering from terrorism, but of its own making.. It has a very relaxed set of rules very soft on religious fundamentalism. Why should India suffer because of Pak's soft attitude to religious terrorists ?? 

India, no doubt, the largest and most active democracy in the world, a cause for envy,  is still showing restraint and will continue to do so. This Pakistani menace cannot be dealt with war. 

The dissonant notes coming from the President Zardari, who claims to be a victim of terrorism himself, having lost his wifeBenazir, PM Gilani who seems to be still unclear whether he is with Al-Queda or Pak ISI and the third group, the Pak Military and ISI. All of them are giving different opinions thru the media which is confusing not only international media, but insiders within Pakistan itself. 

The recent sacking of Pak NSA Muhammad Ali Durrani was a fallout of this bitter war of control within Pak establishment. It is hoped that very soon it will be clear who is actually calling the shots in Pakistan. It is to that party that all efforts need to be directed. And in all likelihood it is the Pak army under Gen Kayani.( History of 50 years tells us so..)

As Home Minister Chidambaram was mentioning the other day, another terrorist attack and Pakistan would have lost its moral stand and will be fully exposed. India may decide the future course of action then ..


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friends of the Nagpur STOTS Seminary

Last evening, after the sandhya namaskaram, 13 January 2009, there was a special meeting of the" friends of the STOTS Nagpur seminary" from all the parishes of Bangalore at the St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral in Bangalore. The intention was to start a meeting of  group of well wishers of the St Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary in Nagpur. 

Mar Coorilose, Metropolitan of Mumbai, the acting President of the Seminary was the Chief Guest along with Mar Irenius Metropolitan of Chennai. Mar Irenius gave a wonderful speech on the need to build up this seminary which will bring in more priests for the Indian Orthodox Church. While the other sister churches in the Oriental Orthodox Church, including the Coptic and Syrian Orthodox Church have grown and expanded all over the world like in Australia and other parts of the world, the Indian Orthodox Church, (perhaps the oldest in the world) has been sleeping and procrastinating. While Bishop Irenius put it to the audience to think why it was so.  There are friends of Vellore ( CMC Vellore) in diff parts of the world. It is the good will of the people which is keeping such great Institutions going ahead.

There are more and more of Malayalis who are migrating to other states and outside India  and this seminary can groom priests who are well versed in English. Malayalam and Hindi languages which will be  a great helping hand for the younger generation and the future promising members of the church. Bishop Irenius spoke on why we need to give a helping hand to the 13 year old seminary, which is limping now and then for want of funds, prayers and good will. The Governing board elected Fr Dr George Pulikottil as the new Bursar in the place of new Bishop Designate Fr Alex Daniel, (Alexandrios Ramban). 

Fr Ninan George, Vice Principal of the Seminary and Principal Fr Reji Mathew spoke on the occasion highlighting about the seminar and its " balarishtakal " thru a power point presentation Fr Abraham Ommen and Fr Philip Kuruvilla also spoke on the occasion. 

Fr George Pulikkottil, earlier with Chicago St Thomas, the new Bursar of the seminary, as a role model, made the first contribution to the Seminary by giving his Xmas gift of Rs. 100,000/- at the meeting, stressing again that it was just being a role model and not for any name or fame. A new website will be coming up in the next two months.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed !!!!

Anybody can become a friend by remembering the Seminary in his daily prayers and visiting it. In addition, if anybody is interested in contributing financially, he may do so in many ways.

1. You can contribute Rs 1,50,000/- for building a room in the memory of your beloved departed ones
2. Sponsoring a year's study of a student at the seminary by sending Rs 30,000/-
3. Sponsoring a field trainee by sending Rs 10,000/- 
4. by sending Rs 5000/- for the general maintenance and upkeep of the seminary

to the 

St Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary,
Kamleshwar, Nagpur Dist, Maharashtra, India.PIN 441 501

Tel 07118 - 271696 / 271991 / 271994

Let us not forget, this is an investment not only in the church's future, the future of our children too. So give your best ....


Dr George Easaw, Bangalore

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vist of HH Abuna Paulose - relevance..

The Indian Orthodox Church, the oldest in the country, more than 2000 years old, had recently invited the Patriarch of Ethiopia, of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the member of the Oiental Orthodox Chirches, for the culmination programme of the centenary of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Students Movement , (MGOCSM), the oldest students Movement in the country in Parumala, Kerala, India.

It was not much earlier that I was going thru a report from the National Geographic Society and their Human genographic project , to analyse the diversity of the human genome. To trace the origins of human migration, or a common trace of evidence from genes collected all over the world.

The study points to the fact that humans first migrated from the eastern coast of Africa about 60,000 years ago. From the Ethiopian coast, humans migrated to diff parts of the world. And being the parent civlization of the human race, we can expect their civilization to be the superior one of all the other ones..

History and science is providing evidence to establish their superiority, the fertile lands around the river Nile, the Egyptian civilization, Coptic Church, Pharoahs, the pyramids what not.. ?? 

Even though somewhere in between they lost the continuity, the Indian Orthodox Church has by this invitation of the Ptriarch of the Ethiopian Church has given back to them part of the respect and reverence which they have for long been denied.

Cheers to the MGOCSM leaders for choosing this apt personality last year on 31 Dec 2008 for the centenary of MGOCSM, for reminding the world the roots of human civilization and its richness ..

Giju, Roychayan's son singing ..

Giju Mathew, Roychayan's son sings and plays the Keyboard in the St Marys Orthodox Church in Jalahalli.

Sings and plays  very well ....

pl listen to Giju ..


My Indica, too good..

Silky our lab ..

Satyam, early resolution, the only way to salvage ..

The Satyam scam is no doubt the worst one corporate India has ever seen to date. These are the birth pangs of a growing economy. Any growing country will have such events. The strength of the country lies in getting up from the damage and going ahead. We thus need to look at ways to manage the damage control actions well, resolve the ill effects of the scam and go ahead.

Satyam is not the only face of India. There are many other well run IT companies in the country, ethical ones like TCS and professional ones like Infosys. The coming days may see the decline or fall from grace of another Indian conglomerate doing great business, but whose ethical standards are under a cloud, the Reliance group. It would do well for Reliance to come out in the open and declare its misdeeds and correct itself, before the employees and shareholders are put through stressed times.

In the present circumstances since the scam has happened and has hurt the pockets and reputation of many parties, the little the government can do is to see that the investigation into the case is completed as early as possible and model punishments are given to the accused, how powerful and well connected, they be.

Many an experienced professional is waiting for an amicable solution to the problem and the earlier it is done,  he will be satisfied and will continue to work with the company. An early resolution is necessary for restoring the confidence of the investor and the employees in the company and for salvaging the reputation of the company as a professionally managed and run company, without which it could not have reached such high heights. It should be decided in the next two or three days about handing over investigations to the CBI and resolving the case withing certain time frame, say three months.

Because of the evil designs of the promoters, why should the loyal employee suffer ? He has been putting his best for the company and he should be given suitable opportunities to work and show his true mettle. The more the case is delayed, the employees will get de-motivated and start deserting the company. The employees are, after all, the most important and precious resources in an IT company. 

The government and investigation agencies need to go ahead with the investigations, that need to be completed in as short time as possible. It will also redeem our reputation among the international community as a responsible and fast acting country, working to protect the interests of the investors, employees and shareholders. This will no doubt be a boost to the international community waiting to see the Indian government's response to revitalise the Indian economy.

Friday, January 09, 2009

US and Pakistan starting to behave ..

India has managed to get the US govt to behave and act impartially in containing terrorism in any part of the world, even if t is from one of its strongest allies... 

In a hard hitting interview given by David Mulford, the US Ambassador to India, to the media, where he plainly accuses Pakistan complicity in the Mumbai terror attacks, ( he has spoken just short of Pakistani govt complicity in Mumbai terror attacks), the US govt has indicated to be impartial in its fight against terrorism.

It will fight the Mumbai terrorists and has finally promised to help India to get the terrorists from Pakistan soil.

Joe Biden ( Obama VP elect) is in Pakistan on his first visit and hopefully carries Obama's mind to be strict on containing terrorism and terror training camps in Pakistan,

It was a bitter sight to see Pak PM Gilani complying with the requirements of the International community and talking in few words of the findings of the internal probe into the contents of the Mumbai terror dossier supplied by India. This is a big blow to the belligerent stand of Pakistan and its dreams of living by constant denials. Earlier it had rejected the same dossier as not being enough proof to indict any Pakistani complicity in Mumbai terror. Now having to eat his own words, this is indeed a strong diplomatic victory for India.

India is slowly managing to get Pak to behave without the use of the "awe and surprise attacks". Without firing a single bullet, India has managed to get the US and Pakistan to toe the Indian line and help India on the terror issue. India's restraint in the first instance is finally bearing fruit. 

We have learnt from the bitter lessons of the past that bullets and bombs can only bring more bullets and bombs. We have used diplomatic initiatives to settle the issue before  thinking of using force against Pak. ( though some quarters in US would have wanted a war between the two neighbouring countries to rescue the drowning US economy..)

If only US had shown the same wisdom and restraint after 9/11 ...  Can we expect anything else from the perpetrators of Marias, Camp Grant and Wounded Knee massacres on the native and original owners of America ?


Prof Ram Mohan Rao quits as Dean of ISB, Hyd., Satyam fallout ..

It was just surprising to hear of Prof Ram Mohan Rao quit Indian School of Business, Hyderabad as its Dean. 

He was an independent Director of Satyam Computers and had quit his Directorship three days back along with Vinod Dham and Prof Krishna Palepu of Harvard Business School (  who incidentally teaches Corporate Governance and Ethics at Harvard..!!). 

Maybe this incident at Satyam is an example to show that in reality you do not practice what you preach. (American style) Preaching is only to earn your bread and butter. There is no better way for Prof Krishna Palepu to teach ethics to his students and admirers from across the world..

All three of them were party to the decisions taken by the Director Board on approving the fudged Balance sheet and other records of the company during their tenure as Directors.

The quitting however, does not absolve them of their responsibilities and duties and will face the legal procedure. He also was on the RBI panel to recommend the new RBI Deputy Governor and had quit from the panel two days back.

Prof Rao was a cool person, composed and always down-to-earth. Very humble, it is very difficult to see him boast of his academic credentials.

How fate changes and the speed with which is does so ..


Thursday, January 08, 2009

The gloom at Satyam HQ and around, the day after ..

This morning, 8 Jan 09, I went to see what was happening at the Satyam campus headquarters in Electronic city, Bangalore, India, which is just 100 m from where I stay. 

Some snaps are included..  Their majestic headquarters was mostly deserted with skeletal staff manning operations for their major clients. A pall of gloom has descended on the campus ...

The employees were scattered three to four in a group, right under the trees outside the main gate, discussing with fear and trepidation of their future. I stopped right in front of the campus ( did not take photographs, I would have enraged a few of them..) and took a tea from the roadside stall. 

The chaiwalla ( tea vendor ) was telling me how his business has reduced to less than 50 %. No taxis, no vans and very few buses .. From about 40 - 60 buses, the skeletal service of 10 to 20 only is running now. A snap of the deserted road is ample proof of the ground reality. On the right of the road is th Satyam campus, a big one with palatial buildings and well maintained gardens, and on the left is the GE campus.

I was talking to the friendly nearby bakery owner, where I frequent often, he was telling how from Rs 4000 a day, his business has dwindled to less than 2500/-. The roads which usually had cars and buses plying upto 11 PM in the night, now is deserted by 8.30 PM. Even if a murder happens nobody will realise that till the next day morning.. Slowly turning into a ghost town ??

India IT is under a process of accelerated loss of glamour and sheen in these times of recession and fraud.!! Reduced pay packets and perks, has resulted in hotels frantically scouting for customers, roadside vendors endlessly waiting for customers and cloth / stationery / fancy stores getting deserted.. 

People have learnt  a hard lesson, spend wisely in these times of stress and gloom.. No extravaganza, else repent...


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Satyam Computers goes down ...

In Order to cover up the poor performance of the company, Satyam Computers Chairman Ramalinga Raju had shown bloated balance sheets and inflated profits, in all a scam involving Rs 7000 crores.  After his efforts to get the valuation right by acquiring Maytas Infra failed in the Director Board meeting, it did not take much time before the scam got exposed.

Ramalinga raju has resigned and has owned up to the wrongdoing, ready to face the legal implications thereof. ( upto ten years in prison could be the max punishment, 1 year for 700 crores..!)

The auditor Price WaterHouse Coopers has found itself in deep shit after its very poor unethical showing ..

The whole of IT industry in India will need to sit back and take a look at whether its assets and operations are overvalued, balance sheets are bloated and profits are inflated ....

This will also be a golden opportunity for the Indian IT industry to do an introspection and cleanse itself of any wrong doings and for the wrongdoers to be extra vigilant...


Pakistan, a failed, terrorist and rogue state .. ??

Indian media is full of reports of evidences of Pakistani complicity in the Mumbai terror attacks. The Indian PM has even accused it if using terrorism as a state policy in its dealing with other countries. 

Pakistan is in a constant state of denial to whatever proof is provided of Pakistani complicity in Mumbai terror attacks by India, US and UK. What can India and the civilized world do to help Pakistan come out of it's state of fear of being exposed.. The fear of being labelled a rogue state is constantly haunting Pakistan. That fear is preventing it from accepting facts and truths and reforming itself.

Pakistan is first and foremost afraid of being exposed as a failed state. The rule of law does not work on terrorist organisations who use Pak territory for training recruits to violent ways and terrorism. 

It is afraid of being exposed as a terrorist state. Its citizens are actively involved in terrorist activities now in Mumbai as also in earlier occasions in other parts of the world. The Indian PM was blunt in stating that Pakistan is the epicentre of global terrorism.

It is afraid of being labelled as a rogue state. It acquired all its missile and nuclear capability clandestinely either from China or North Korea. If and when this illegal route of proliferation gets blocked, Pakistan will cease to exist as a country. It would have disintegrated on its own domestic disparities and conflicting stances.

Instead of accepting that there are terrorist elements operating from within Pakistan and containing them would do good not only to improve its image internationally and with India, Pakistan by remaining in a state of denial is missing out on a golden opportunity to reform its society and take the country forward economically and socially and earning for itself respect in the comity of nations.

Hope good sense prevails upon its leaders.. 

Pakistan is a glowing example of how religious fundamentalism can prove the unmaking and disintegration of a country .. Comparing with India, it is nowhere.. It has some importance because it is working together with US  in the war against terror and with China to contain India. It is definitely a big nuisance value to India, but not a threat at all. It hopes India will react to its war cries, illogical accusations and constant denials..

It is totally mistaken ..


Saturday, January 03, 2009

What can India do if Pak does not react ??

If Pak does not react and take cognisance of any proof provided by India as regards the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26 November, what can India do ?

The more proof India supplies, the more Pak goes into denial mode, either saying the proof is not good enough, or it won't work in Pakistan ( we know Pakistan is a country where rule of law is so very strictly followed..).

Closing its eyes on such naked aggression of another country's sovereignty by Pak citizens, does it bade well for Pak itself in the long run? Is it a sense of helplessness as it has no control over the non-state players or is it trying to get the upper edge on India through belligerant statements or denials, instigating India to aggression, I do not know what is forcing Pak to remain quiet and silent.

India is exercising utmost restraint in this case. It knows its hands are tied. It needs support from other countries of the world to fight this war against terrorism. Violence will bring in violence and will polarise countries, who are presently neutral to their camp. India can ill afford that at this instance.

India should try to mobilise international opinion to contain the threat of violence and terrorism emanating from any country of the world, not only from Pakistan. With the world opinion building up against Pakistan, pressurising Pak to transfer its so called non-state actors to India for being tried in terrorist violence is the only option.

We cannot afford to waste our resources fighting a useless war with Pak, which is not going to end any sooner. We are witnesses to the lessons learnt by US in its hurried response to the attacks on WTC. Against Al Queda, against Afghanistan , which is nothing compared to US, it is a battle which is taking it nowhere. US has to spend trillions of dollars fighting the Taliban, Al Queda and to keep its reputation. It is continuing to aid countries supporting terrorism in the name of containing terrorism. 

While the US has divine powers to attack any country supporting terrorism when its actions affect US, it advises other countries not to attack and exercise utmost restraint.

America needs to understand that the fight against terrorism cannot be biased, it has to be unbiased attacking the roots of terrorism.

India can learn from the US bitter experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some restraint is only going to reduce the damage and improve its image in the comity of nations as a peaceloving country.

From our limited positions and areas of influence wherever in the world we are, we as peaceloving Christians, can build up opinion in favour of our yearning for peace, if that is the least we can do for our country to bring peace in this part of the world and hence of the world.  

Rachel conducting the choir at St Johns, Jumbala..

Jumbala, Rachel again...

Friday, January 02, 2009

LTTE, dying a slow and certain death ..

In a lazy evening the June-July of 1983, I was very much saddened by news reports I read that day.   Walking out of the British Council Library at Trivandrum, I could imagine myself being like any of the people who were killed as part of the holocaust happening in our neighbouring country of Sri Lanka. Indeed, I was a sad man. 

In our country's neighbourhood, ie. Sri Lanka, a very tragic holocaust was happening. A newly found group of Tamilians claiming to represent Tamilians en masse was fighting the Sinhala dominant Sri Lankan army. Innocent people were being killed like ants ... Hundreds of them.. It was reported in all major dailies and weeklies of the world. I most vividly remember the news as read from The Economist magazine. 

The peaceful Tamilian group slowly took to violence 9WHY ??) and in 1987, when Rajiv Gandhi was the PM, my friend Narendranath who was in the Indian Air Force also had the opportunity to fight alongside the Sri Lankan army against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. (LTTE)

Then onwards we looked at the LTTE with suspicion and vice versa...Separatist groups in Tamil Nadu have been raising hue and cry against the Indian government policy of supporting the Sri Lankan army fighting against Tamil insurgents in Sri lanka.

LTTE managed to silence other Tamil groups with violence and murdered other leaders over the years. The cult figure of Velupalli Prabhakaran came to be a symbol of terror and repression. LTTE was branded internationally as a terrorist group which was not interested to bring peace to Sri Lanka, but had vested interest in carving a separate Tamil state out of Sri Lanka. It was breaking ceasefires by the dozen. Suicide bombers were used to carry out guerilla attacks. Rajiv Gandhi fell prey to such an attack.

After many unsuccessful attempts by Presidents and murders and guerilla attacks, finally the present President of Sri Lanka Mahindra Rajapaksa has taken the bold step of taking the LTTE by its horn. As of late morning of 2 Jan 09 it is reported that Sri Lankan army has entered the town of Killinocchi in North East Srilanka which has been under LTTE control for many years. It is just a question of hours or days before LTTE is rubbished in the dustbin of history. Sri Lankan Tamils can get to enjoy  freedom from the clutches of the terrorist LTTE.

When India is fighting terrorists in our eastern, northern and north west border, we are aware of the pains of such resistance in Sri Lanka. Our full support is with Pes. Mahindra Rajapakse to relieve Sri Lanka of Tamil terrorists once for all.

Sri Lanka does not need Tamil terrorists, it needs peace loving Tamilian civilians ..

Outplacement . the new in-thing..

Outplacement is the new in thing...

Companies planing to prune their workforce in times of recession and thin times scout to help their employees to get jobs elsewhere, helping the employees leave with no ill-will and can attract them once the situation improves ...


St gregorios orthodox cathedral choir .. xmas 19 dec 08. video

Good singing, good dress, well choreographed ..   youtube video ..


My niece Rachel Philip conducting the Halleluia chorus ..

I was a pleasant evening where the Mar Thoma youth from Bangalore gathered at St Johns auditorium for an evening of Theatre Ministry in the first week of Dec 2008.

Here is my niece Rachel Philip, sister Leena's daughter, conducting the Hallehuia Chorus from Handel sung by the Bangalore Marthoma youth..

Great talent ..


Jijo, Sheena and kids at home..

jijo, sheena and kids had a nice new year evening with us at home..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

How much more is enough ??

Pakistan is asking for more and more and more proof from India as all the proof which has been supplied by India so far does not stand in a court of law in Pakistan ... That prompted Home minister Chidambaram to ask this question, ' how much more proof is enough for Pakistan ?? '

Now that UK and US has given the tel transcripts between the terrorists in the Taj Hostel and Lakhvi in Pakistan, matching the voice with Lakhvi, pressure is biuuilding on Pak to stop fooling around and start acting..

Hope Pak co-operates with India to arrest the terrorist trainers, identify and ban the backing orgainsations and stop their camps in Pakistan.

Good for Pakistan, India and the world...


Apt beginning for the new year !!

The New Year church service was to start in the st GregoriosOrthodox Cathedral church at Johnson Market at 5 .15 am. Left home at 5 am and reached the church exactly in 15 mins. The distance , app 15 kms, which on a sunday morn takes 40 mins, and a week day evening upto 1.5 hrs, I completed in just 15 mins. could not believe it..( after the Kerala trip, have become a bit more comfortable or aggressive, don't know what on the road..) A good way to start the new year..

New Year Resolutions are

1. Never procrastinate
2. take life in its stride
3. publish or perish ....
4. read and write more...
5. Help as many people as you can !!

Wish you a happy new year ..


Class discussion on the Coffee supply chain ..

This morning at Alliance University, Bangalore, it was a great discussion about the coffee supply chain that happened in the MBA sem 2, ...

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