Monday, December 22, 2008

Xmas programme at St Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral, Bangalore.. Dec 21 2008..

It was a pleasant afternoon of 21 Dec 2008 at 3 PM, we all had arrived at the church in Johnson market for the annual xmas carol programme. 

Fr Idichandy was the programme co-ordinator working under the able supervision of the Vicar Fr T K Thomas. Fr Kachipally, CMI, Dean of PG studies at Christ University was the Chief Guest delivering the Xmas message. His Xmas message on love, unconditional and conditional was verymuch appreciated by the audience.

The carol was very pleasant to hear. Well  trained and balanced, with accompaniment on the organ, it was good to hear them belting out famous carol songs with absorbing improvisations, one after the other.

The skits by MGOCSM, sunday school children and the Sthree samajam had themes revolving around the birth of Jesus. Entha Santa kalyaanam kazhikaathe ? the humorous skit by MGOCSM has lot of biblical incidents of Adam being tested by Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, King Herod being asked by his wife for the head of st John the baptist , possibly these being the reasons why Santa does not want to marry, had lot of learning for the youth and children alike .. Sthree samajam people came up with a skit telling that entry to heaven has more to it than just our earthly doings, it depends to a large extent on divine grace ..

The carols by Begur chapel people needed some more practice, no doubt. The Santa was a hit among the children and youth alike, with his tilting movements and costume, he was well appreciated..

A big round of applause for the organisers and the people who worked for the success of this programme for the past many weeks.

Even though the singing was not in the same class as the Marthoma or CSI choirs ( my niece recently conducted the All bangalore Marthoma church youth choir), the overall programme including the skits and message, with lot of indigenous content and tint, made it a high quality event.

Good effort and hope the next year it will be even better...

george easaw..

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