Monday, December 22, 2008

The UN's partial stand .. ..

The United Nations's envoy Richard Barrett has said that Pakistan is doing enough to comply with the expectations of the world. It is like giving a clean chit to Pakistan ?? Pakistan which has been dilly dallying on its actions to rein in terror has this irresponsible statement from a UN envoy as a further boost not to do anything to rein in terrorists operating from its soil. But India has asked the United Nations
for a written statement from it regarding its stand on the current tension and terror attacks by Pakistani citizens on India, to clear the doubt ...

Must be a big shock for the UN and a slap on its face to be asked by a member state to explain its stand on a critical issue ..

It is quite unfortunate that the white man is suddenly and shockingly showing his true colours at the opportune moment...

If it turns to be true, it will indeed be a sad and dark day for the United Nations and the world which is looking forward to it for developing a balanced and seasoned view on international matters, strifes and tensions.

Chinese measured silence can be understood in this context as it is trying to measure the extent of restraint India can show. If the same event had happened to China it would not have waited to galvanise international opinion and would have finished the cleansing operation by now. Whether it is the right thing to do or not, one does not know..

Might is right, but how long ?? Truth will finally prevail ..

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