Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sister Abhaya case - shocking revelations ..

The shocking revelations of the famed Sister Abhaya case unfolding day by day makes one think whether marriage of priests is a panacea for such evils ?? If we were to believe the CBI, these reports are very disturbing ..

Sexual gratification is a natural instinct across homosapiens. The only issue is when it overlaps established customs and beliefs .. 

In the Orthodox church and some protestant churches, priests can marry, but they do not become high priests/ bishops etc.. Over the years that has been found to be the perfect solution to such abuses. 

Let marriage be an option and let us not force celibacy among spiritual practitioners.

The nuns having to decide on celibacy very early in life is also a troubling question.

In any case, it has to be left to the individual at a mature age to decide whether to take celibacy or not than to face such humiliating instances..


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  1. In the original manuscripts, the priests were told to "CELEBRATE" not "celibate" - it was all a huge misunderstanding!


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