Thursday, December 11, 2008

Project collaboration with Uty of Redlands, Calif, over ..

It was a great experience and learning co-ordinating the first video conferencing based collaborative project on Business Continuity Planning between XIME Bangalore and Uty of Redlands US.

Yesterday and today, 10 and 11 Dec, 2008 all the six teams from XIME and Redlands have presented their final reports to the audience from XIME, Redlands and representatives of the HIPCO company based in Chino, Calif, for whom the project was carried out. Well researched reports which saw the students interacting over VC for 2 sessions each and then over email, skype etc..

It was a good learning experience for our stiudents and they can use the VC set up for more interactions with our oter acad collaborators and Industries around the world.

Thank you Prof James Pick and Prof Ramakrishna from Redlands and for Pres XIME Prof Philip for making this happen.


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