Monday, December 22, 2008

India trying to get int'l pressure on Pakistan to behave ..

It is a pity that Gordon Brown, PM of Britain, even though he had tough words for Pakistan, gave them another five million pounds to keep their clandestine activities to terrorise their neighbours going on ..

Pakistan even after having been provided with evidence of the terrorists being from Pak soil, are trying to clean all evidence so that it need not act against its own citizens.. The Pak polity has become such a non-functional one, that only the Pak army and ISI can do anything in Pakistan. The President and PM are just toys in the hands of the army and ISI.

This morning India is getting envoys of 130 countries attend a meeting to tell them how Pakistan has failed to take any action to weed out terrorists and terror camps from Pakistan. It was very surprising to hear the other day a senior Pak functionary saying that it is global Jihad and not any Pak Jihad which is being waged in Pakistan. Is that justification of terrorists operating against India from Pak soil ?

It is jittery times these days as patience and time is running out for India and Indians.. For the first time, the opposition and ruling party have got together on the need to end this terror menace once for all.

Pak is in a fix, if it says that it cannot do anything against the jihadists operating from Pakistan, it is tantamount to saying it is a failed state, it has no control over the activities of its citizens. On the other hand if it takes any action, the army and ISI will retaliate resulting in the President and PM being thrown out or even executed.. The Pak establishment is between the devil and the deep sea !!

But that it no excuse for Pak citizens to attack other countries..

Pak needs to understand this unwritten rule that it cannot allow its citizens to disturb the peace of another country. It is the responsibility of the Pak government to identify the culprits and restrain them from from unlawful activities which can lead to global tensions, resulting in operations of global dimensions ..

The whole world is waiting for the Pak govt to see reason and act, lest the world impose its will on Pakistan ..

In case India decides to go ahead and attack the terror camps in Pak Occupied Kashmir, we can expect cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore once again to be targetted by pakistani trained terrorists besides the usual air, land and sea attacks... We have to be prepared for that ..

If a full blown war is to be avoided, Pak should act and India can afford to show some more restraint if it comes to know that Pak has started acting. But it is no use waiting for ever.. 

What is Pakistan ?? The choice is slowly getting narrowed down, between a failed state and a terrorist state.. Time will tell ..


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