Monday, November 17, 2008

Two faces of India ..

It is quite ironic to find that during these times of national rejoice and elation, after the successful lunar mission launch, two totally different faces of India are emerging. A section is trying to take the country ahead in spite of all odds and a fringe section of our population, trying to take our county hundreds of years back.

One group is ISRO, the forward looking organisation, taking the country ahead by leaps and bounds. We are all proud of their great contributions.

The other group, the Hindutva forces, that lunatic fringe of society who get their high on the teachings of Savarkar and Golwalker, dreaming of a Hindu Rashtra, trying to impose majoritarian terror in the country, is pulling the country backward ..

One of the leaders of the backward looking organisation was quoted as saying that his community people can never be terrorists ( I do not know whether he means the members of that lunatic fringe can only be murderers and rapists, which has been revealed to us by now in Gujarat and Orissa). According to him, only minority community members qualify to be called terrorists. Whatever they do for the country, the onus is on the minority community always to prove their nationalist and patriotic credentials !! a pitiable state of mind ..

Togadia, who cannot think straightforward, has hijacked the very concept of nationalism and patriotism. ( and has assumed the unsolicited role as the spokesperson of the majority community !!, hijacking that role too ..) Is Praveen Togadia, that firebrand arouser of communal emotions and master of inciting hatred between communities, awaiting the same fate of Uma Bharati ??

The concept of Hindu Rashtra has been ingrained deep in their minds from a very early age, their innocent minds during the formative years have been pounded with hatred for other communities.. At this age it is not possible for them to start thinking positively and constructively.

It is no problem whether this lunatic fringe joins the mainstream or not, their nuisance value cannot be underestimated !!

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