Thursday, November 13, 2008

Margeret Alva's fall ..

Politics is a big time business in the country. How many ineligible parasites make a living for themselves by clinging onto somebody and sucking their blood ?

Politicians do assume a ot of things. They enter the field of politics with a service mentality and then prop up their children and wards onto politics. They are aware of the fame, perks, rewards and big money in this business. Once they have tasted it, they do not want to let go, Moreover they also want their wards to enjoy the same powers..Like we have doctors i our society who want their children to become only doctors and spend lakhs sending them to capitation colleges, even though they are not worth a penny for that profession. 

This what happened to Margeret Alva former Union Minister and Congress Gen Sec. She thought Indian politics and more pointedly Congress party was her family property and they owed something back to her for the services she had given to the party. What foolish ??

A famous saying goes this way, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Mageret Alva had to eat the humble pie, her fall from heights to the roads has been tragic Hope more politicians learn this hard lesson that politics is service , not a family proposition.. .


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