Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Malicous efforts to discredit a security agency ......

After  failing in communalising the armed forces, the BJP/RSS combo is trying to discredit the Maharashtra Anti-terror squad, accusing it of acting against the majority community. Besides taking on itself the onerous responsibility of protecting the majority community, BJP/RSS is trying to use extra constitutional means to mobilise public opinion against the arrest of monks involved in acts of terrorism.  Being monks belonging to the majority religious community does not insulate them from proceeding against, if they have been found to be involved in acts of  violence and terror ..

BJP/RSS is surely barking the wrong tree and is undermining the democratic foundations of the country by blatantly accusing the security agencies of communalism. They are trying to mobilise public opinion against the probe on Hindu monks. This is malicious on its part, with cruel intent .. Will BJP agree to strengthening the POTA act now ??

Looks like they have never wanted India to remain truly democratic as their ideals are the fundamentalist ones of Savarkar and Golwalkar. It is upto the people to ignore such groups and work to make Indian democracy work and not succumb to "mobocracy" !!


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