Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kandhmal waiting to erupt again ??

The murder yesterday at noon, 5 Nov, 2008, of a VHP activist Dhanu Pradhani in Khandamal district of Orissa, the epicentre of previous attacks on Christians, is sure to spark a spiral of attacks against Christians in the area.

VHP is pointing the finger at Christians this time too. They have all along only been interested in casting aspersions and doubts on the Christian community and communally incite the common uneducated man, not interested in finding who the actual culprits were.. Clear traces of fascism ..

Even though Maoists openly claimed at the first instance to have killed Swami Saraswathi Lakshmananada in writing to the govt ( which was suppressed) and reiterated it a second time in an interview given to a news channel, VHP was not interested in finding the truth of who had done it. VHP had by then carried out their hate campaign against a minority community, for which they were waiting for a long time, which cost almost 38 lives and numerous rapes ....

It is just because of the army personnel at these places presently that VHP is delaying their attacks against Christians. They are just waiting for a supportive statement from one of their leaders to unleash a reign of terror and violence ..

Any attacks now may bring hard comments from across the world. The last time, the govt did not take a firm step. It did not want to derail the signing of the Indo-US nuclear deal and did not take a firm stand to root out the communal, mob terrorism and did not want to precipitate a crisis back home. The Christians all over the country watched with trepidation and fear as the commumnal goondas from VHP and Bajrang Dal went on a rampage. While the govt came out with a ban on SIMI, the Islamic terrorist group, they never agreed to ban the Bajrang Dal which was unleashing terror against peace loving communities.

This time we hope the government is fully prepared with all steps to avoid any more genocide by the VHP and Bajrang Dal on the Christian community. The Christians also understand the sad plight of the VHP who is totally helpless with the Maoists and fear their reprisals very much. But their fear of a group should not turn out as attacks on another community, which is against all civilised conduct, logic and reason..

Why is it that the govt is developing cold feet and going slow against the communal hatred unleashed by the Bajrang dal ?? Can a group or party hold the nation to ransom on such an important issue ??

While this is sure to bring in supporting comments from VHP sympathisers from across the world, ensconed themselves in the safety of their host countries, securing themselves against such discriminatory treatment and communal terrorism in their new adopted homes, I only can tell that it is but a natural reaction from any individual. Slowly they too will realise the futility of their stand.

And Christians can only pray for these basically good people from the VHP and Bajrang Dal who have been misled by their leaders feeding them with the poison of communal hatred and shower them with love, hoping that the government will take a stand to protect them from any violence and genocide ..


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