Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ambiliammaava Thaamara Kumbilil enthunde ..

It was very heartening to hear of Chandraayan I, India's first moon mission settling in lunar orbit about 100 km from moon surface, both at the apiselene ( farthest point and periselene, nearest point, in a circular orbit) after the onboard rockets were fired at 6 33 PM IST on Wednesday, 12 Nov 2008. The mission is a total success !!

With this successful manoeuvre, India has written another golden chapter in its history, aviation history, by being the sixth country in the world, after USSR, US, EU, Japan and China to establish lunar presence. Thanks to the vision of Vikram Sarabhai and Jawaharlal Nehru whose wildest dreams made all this possible ..

From the logistics of ferrying rocket parts on bicycle at Thumba launch station continuing to the moon, the journey has been marvellous and awe inspiring..

On 14 or 15 November, India will crash land the Moon Impact Probe on the lunar surface, which is painted with the Indian tricolour, truly establishing our presence on the moon.

Ambili ammaava thamara kumbilil enthunde,
kandu manassilaakkan njangalangethukayaanallo ..

With the help of the the onboard equipments, from different countries, the Chandraayan I which will be in lunar orbit for the next two years, will give information regarding the radiation levels, presence of water an other minerals on the lunar surface and map a three dimensional profile of the entire lunar surface.

Quoting Neil Armstrong, A small leap for Chandraayan, but a giant leap for Science and Technology !! To carry out this project very precisely without hiccups, at one fourth the cost of other competitors, is a truly a giant leap demonstrating the technological superiority of this launch ..


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