Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alarming time, intellectuals cry foul ...

The attempts by some opposition political parties to subvert investigations by the Police and Anti-terror squad into the incidents of terror in Malegaon, Maharashtra is very alarming ...

It has all signs of imposing a majoritarian agenda, terrorising the public, police and the investigative agencies, casting aspersions on the investigating agencies right from day one, mobilising public opinion against fair and just trial in such incidents and communalising the atmosphere with a malicious intent..

This does not bode well for the Indian democracy which has always believed in democracy and rule of law. The parties trying to impose cultural nationalism in the country are not ready to accept the multi-cultural secular nature of our constitution which is the basic foundation of our democracy.

The editorials in the media are ample evidence of the import of such malicious action being carried out by the major opposition party to derail free and fair investigation into the terror incident.


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