Saturday, October 25, 2008

Terrorism, cutting religious and political boundaries....

Terrorism is a menace like cancer spreading in the Indian society. While Islamic terrorists were  blamed for the acts of violence in metros, Hindu terorists hav ben nabbed in Malegaon in Maharashtra. Mainstream political parties who are openly fighting for a ban on SIMI, BajrangDal and VHP now need to understand that bans will only make these organisations go underground and metamorphasise into new potent radical organisations, often gaining political and mainstream popular support.

Political parties and leaders irrespective of their alignment, right, left or centre, need to first realise that it is injustice and sidelining happening in the society which causes such organisations  to sprout. The Muslms in Gujarat are now a disheartened lot after their sidelining by the Modi BJP govt. They are responsible for the attacks in Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad and so on. Likewise societies elsewhere will start their revolt, leading to irreparable damage to the society.

Let us preserve the unity and integrity of our country.


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