Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shocking incident at Borivali Raheja Estate ..

It was very shocking to read of the incident of a Malayali family of four committing suicide in Mumbai. It was made more tragic when i came to know that the daughter of the family Ms Suchitra aged 46 was my senior from college of engg trivandrum.

Children end lives after killing parents

13 Oct 2008, 0037 hrs IST,TNN










MUMBAI: In a shocking incident, four members of a family were found dead in their plush rented apartment at Raheja Estate in Borivli (E) on Sunday. T


he bodies of A K Nair (70), his wife Shyamal (60), son Sudhir (42) and daughter Suchitra (46) were found around 2 pm after neighbours complained of a foul stench. Sudhir and Suchitra were found hanging from the living room fans, while their dead parents were found on the bed inside. 

suicide note was recovered with Sudhir and Suchitra's signatures on it. The note read, "As we have no way of sustaining ourselves and our future, we are taking this drastic step. We have taken the lives of our parents and then our own. We are sorry about what has happened. We request the concerned authorities to dispose of all four bodies." 

While the police haven't yet arrived at a conclusion about the motive, financial problems could be a possibility, they said. Till late on Sunday night, none of the family's relatives had approached the police. 

"We are waiting for the post-mo rtem report which will give us precise details about the time and cause of death of each person," an official said. "The deaths have occurred at least two days ago, on October 10. The bodies are severely decomposed and external injuries, if any, can't be made out at first glance. While Nair and his wife are suspected to have either been poisoned or strangled, their two children died of hanging. Traces of a white powder have also been found in the house," he added. A case will be registered by the police only after the post-mortem report arrives on Monday. 

Residents at Ekta Woods society, where the Nairs had rented flat C-712, said the family did not socialise and kept to themselves. Curious locals thronged the society premises in large numbers as the police were conducting 'panchnamas' and supervising hearses to carry away the bodies. Nair had retired from Bharat Heavy Electicals Ltd (BHEL). His daughter, Suchitra, too had taken voluntary retirement from the same organisation. Both Sudhir and Suchitra were unmarried. The police are now examining their cellphone recorded to find out whom they spoke to last. 

"For the past ten years, Sudhir and Suchitra have been residing in the BHEL quarters in the same area. When their parents—who used to stay at their hometown in Kerala—started keeping unwell, the brother-sister duo brought them to Mumbai for better medical treatment. On February 1, the family of four moved to Ekta Woods, a 2-BHK flat with a monthly rent of around Rs 15,000," estate agent Tulsidas Sawant said. The flat is owned by Venumadhav Valaikutti. 

According to residents, the Nairs had fitted air-conditioners in their flat. The stench of the decomposed corpses started emanating only by Sunday afternoon. Around 1.35 pm, the security guard informed the chairman and committee members, who in turn summoned Valaikutti. In the presence of committee members, Valaikutty opened the flat only to find Sudhir and Suchitra hanging from the ceiling fans. The Kasturba Marg police in Borivli (E) was then alerted. The bodies have been sent for an autopsy to the Borivli post-mortem centre. 

"The Nairs had been staying in Ekta Woods since February and they rented the flat through an estate agent. We had verified their house agreement with the owner. The family hardly spoke to anyone," society chairman Prannath Seth said.


Suchitra had recently taken voluntary retirement from BHEL where she was the Dy General Manager. unmarried, her brother too, they were staying with their parents in this posh rented flat in Borivali.

It is said that 42 credit cards were recovered from their home. Credit took away their lives.. !!

Beware of credit cards,


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