Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Military solution for terrorists and political solution for the Sri Lankan people.. !!

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rakapaksa is firmly committed to relieving Sri Lanka of the menace of cancer, of LTTE, the terrorist group which is now begging with the TN CM Karunanidhi for accomodation.

Rajapaksa has successfully been carrying out the cleansing operation in Sri Lanka where the terrorist group of LTTE is being driven deeper and deeper into the forests, while more of civilian land is being opened for the people of Sri Lanka which includes the Tamils too from the clutches of LTTE. That LTTE does not represent the Tamils en masse, is evident from the numerous dissensions and acts of silencing of opposition we have seen during the past many years. The all-elusive and omniscient Velupalli Prabhakaran is finding the chase to catch him too hot and tiring these days, running out of space ... His guerilla tactics have got exhausted and his suicide bombers are dwindling down.. His deeds are catching up with him ..

Being a peace-loving neighbouring country and an emerging international power of reckoning, fighting such secessionism in our own backyard with Kashmiri and Assamese groups, our lookout should be to help Sri Lanka fight secessionism and find a lasting political solution there.

Rajapaksa's statement that he is ready with a military solution for the terrorists ( ie. decimating the terrorists brutally with an iron fist..) and a political solution for the people cannot but be welcomed with open hands. Very bold stand which no other Sri Lankan politician has taken for a long time and has paid on numerous occasions with their precious lives..

Indian open support for Rajapaksa at this critical juncture in their political timeline will give the moral boost for the Sri Lankan army to fight terrorism, in what ever form and shape it appears..

Go ahead Rajapaksa, your efforts can bring peace to the region, though not sure of a lasting one ..


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