Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indian aviation in doldrums..!!

Just after Jet Airways and Kingfisher airlines announced plans of working together, Jet dropped a bomb, it had given sacking letters to about 850 probationers. It will be followed by another bomb, when 1050 more employees will be sent away.

Just this morn, Air India, dropped another bombshell, it was planning to give upto 5 year leave without pay for upto 15,000 emplouees to tide over the present crisis in the aviation industry.

Each of the industry player was losing upto 2-5 crores a day. 

These news have already led to fissures in the central cabinet on how and why govt should bail out private players.. ( unlike the US where govt is buying private banks and financial institutions and socialising only losses ( not profits..!) ).. Raj Thackeray and his party MNS have threatened that no Jet airways flight will leave Mumbai.

Interesting days ahead..


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