Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Incorrect interpretation of the Marathi Manoos ..

The small fry Raj Thackeray is copycatting the strategies of his uncle, Bal Thackeray of goondagiri and high handedness.. He has managed to interpret the Marathi manoos wrongly for his personal selfish ends, trying to edge out a personal political space for him in the Maharashtrian politics.. While it is okay for citizens to have their personal ambitions, the Indian constitution does not guarantee that this right should be by trampling upon the rights of other citizens to peacefully co-exist in a society.

The Maharashtra government has acted firmly now by arresting him. This small fry should be stopped from disturbing social peace any longer.. 

The Marathis can choose to ignore this goonda or give him prominence and bring him back to mainstream, posing a grave threat to peace and regional harmony .. They can make or break Mumbai .. (not that other cities elsewhere in the country will not rise up to the cosmopolitan nature of Mumbai, the same nature is under threat now..) The local populace and politicians seem to miss the point that it is the contribution of the outsiders that has made Mumbai grow to it's present status, else it would have been something like a Sawantwadi or Ratnagiri !!

Up to them !!


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  1. It is good that the law is taking its course. By sending Raj Thackeray to judicial custody, it has upheld that nobody is above law.

    Be it the lousy relative of a communal and stinking politician like Bal Thackeray or a very low IQ immature adult not knowing the repercussions of his actions, Indians are a relieved lot ...

    Such immature people, because they do not have any civic sense, should not be allowed to disturb public peace.

    Good work, Deshmukh ..



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