Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bihar retaliates with smothered response.. and a warning to Thackeray..

Students in Bihar have retaliated to the attacks on North Indians in Mumbai by the MNS supporters.  Since the North Indian students were not as uncivilized as the MNS supporters, they did not do any bodily harm to the Marathis living in North India. If they had done, things would have been different.

Raj Thackeray is trying out the goonda tactics of his uncle who was once upon a time goonda no. 1 in  Mumbai. He estranged the South Indian community in Mumbai many years back and now his nephew is estranging the North Indian community. If they think Mumbai and its culture is their family owned property, they need to be taken to task. Being behind the bars will be the best treatment they can expect from such a civilized society.. They need to realise that Goondaism will not work in a civilized society like India, it may work in Mumbai or parts of Maharashtra.

It is very difficult to understand why such low IQ people are being projected by the people and media. People who do not have any qualities worth its salt with them, just the trait to tickle mass psyche and create problems for peace loving citizens..

Shame on MNS and the Thackerays...!!!  


1 comment:

  1. yea raj thackeray n his goons are lunatic losers but but its high time, we the people of the states of bihar, up, jharkand etc need to take a hard look at ourselves, obviously we are doing something(s) terribly wrong.

    the media and politicians will never talk about the truth as it is... they are gaming this issue

    There's a wiki on the Discrimination faced by the Bihari community in India which is a very good read and it sheds light on a lot of ignored stuff, do read it.


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