Friday, October 24, 2008

Ambili ammava Thamara kumbilil enthunde ...

Ambili ammaava Thaamara kumbilil enthunde
Kumbittirippaano maanathe kombanaana purathu ??

India and Indians as a whole are upbeat after yesterday's successful launch and putting ion orbit of India's first moon mission, Chandrayaan -1 on PSLV C -11 vehicle -  the proven workhorse of the Indian Space Research Organisation. On the day of the launch it was heartening to hear one of the scientists remarking how the moon was peeping from behind the clouds at the SHAR centre preparations for the first Indian lunar mission launch ...

The news also found mention in the evening prime time network news in US and that conveys the importance of the events. The statement by Obama supporting the Indian Moon mission, close on the heels of China having done so, is a further reminder that the world is taking note. Obama did not forget to mention that the H1-B visa issue will be sorted so that US will continue to receive bright Indian talent, to further its plan of borrowed growth and development to sustain its plan for dominance of the world. Many Indians have already fallen for it and will continue to do so. That is part of the game !! It is in fact a two way game ..

The fact that India is planning to land a man on moon by 2018 AD, at least 4 years ahead of China is a very notable point. When the developed world is mired in the economic crisis of its own making, out of personal greed, India is fairly stable and is concentrating itself on more important and strategic issues which can catapult it to greater heights. 

The fact that India and China will continue to grow at > 8 % in the coming 5 - 10 years during which period the developed countries will have zero percent growth, trying to recover from the shock and ill effects of the economic crisis, is ample proof of the robustness of the economies of the two countries. After coming out of this recession cycle, India will emerge with a lot of new shining infrastructure, ready to take on the world ...

The moon mission is among the many steps in the direction of attaining self sufficiency in energy, food and protecting the world from the dangers of climate change, the three immediate threats staring at our generation.

As the lullaby reminds us, what more does the moon behold for India in its lotus crescent, if we reach her  ??


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