Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you, Bush, you do things better than Bin Laden ...!!

What Osama Bin Laden could not achieve for the US economy, Bush is showing the world that he can do it much better .. It is really difficult to understand why Americans are still tolerating this administration with very low IQ to comprehend events in its entirety ..

Corporations with Indians at the helm have performed relatively stable and exercised great caution. More so reason to elevate Indians to high posts ..

The influential Jewish community must have started realising that things do change with time.  With the fading away of influential Jewish pockets, Israel must have started feeling the heat ..

Surely India and China are keenly observing events unfold .. The falling US dollar, falling oil prices, industrial growth pickup in India last month, all point to changing global equations in the coming years .. IT majors are looking to Europe and elsewhere to sustain their momentum ..

Surely Bin Laden is having the last laugh !! (Sorry, I am not as patriotic as some of my friends on this list are, and I don't care.. ...)


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