Sunday, September 07, 2008

India get NSG nod ...

India is an accepted nuclear power now ..

Wth the NSG countries giving the waiver for India on 6 th September,
to do nuclear commerce with the rest of the world, India is finally
recognised as a responsible nuclear power. The merits of this waiver
lie in the fact that we have earned this waiver in spite of not being
a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT ), the
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and not being a favourite of the
45 nation Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Small inconsequential
countries like Austria, New Zealand were making the maximum noise to
block the waiver, also partly helped by China at the end. Most of
these countries including China walked off on the last day, not
wanting to see this event unfold in full majesty.

The isolation started with the 1974 Pokhran I explosion and was
followed up with the 1998 Pokhran II. India's impeccable credentials
at nuclear enrichment and reprocessing non-proliferation, has helped
it to get it's rightful place in the world of nuclear powers. By this
waiver, India has also exposed the other rogue nuclear power, China,
which has been clandestinely sharing nuclear technology with it's
rogue partner countries like Pakistan, Iran and North Korea. India's
advanced research in the Thorium cycle of nuclear loop also
pressurised other countries into recognising it's rightful place in
the world stage.

The BJP opposition along with their ideologues RSS, and their cohorts
are busy burning churches and murdering soft targets in the country.
They otherwise are know only to commit genocide on innocent people,
demolish religious places and bully around in the name of
majoritarianism. After doing all these, they have the uncanny ability
to escape scotfree (in collusion with the administration), and show
off their pseudo-nationalistic credentials.

They have demonstrated to the people and the world, how
anti-nationalistic they could get by their actions and utterances. All
cries for nationalism, now we understand is just pseudo-nationalism.
When the nation required everybody to gather together for this
national cause, they have shown so much indifference and exposed their
true intentions and colours.They only have petty selfish interests to
meet in this election year. That is why they still do not want to come
to terms with such a perfect nuclear deal which will ensure energy
security for the country, end it's nuclear isolation, allow it do
nuclear commerce and grow and develop at a never-before rate of

Their dumb opposition reflects their lack of intellectual depth. They
have shown to the world how fundamental, communal, fanatic thinking
can pollute one's mind and make one useless in the society. The
leaders and followers are equally to be blamed for this sad state of
affairs. The sensible among the followers will now realise their true
intention, which is to breed communal hatred in the society. That is
what they have been doing since independence and continue to so even
today. Is it nationalism or selfish interests ?? The are upset at the
fact that they were not able to seal this agreement and the Congress
government has been able to seal this historic agreement wih US.

The left is not far behind. In spite of their opposition to the deal,
the central government went ahead, dumping them on the way. They have
got caught in such a deep abyss, that they can only find fault with
such an internationally acclaimed and approved act that will end
India's nuclear winter. The Left, lacking any ideological and
intellectual basis for their unappreciative stand, stands fully
exposed for their pronounced leaning towards China.

Both the parties need to be complimented for providing such a
competitive environment in the country for the Congress government and
for enabling Dr Manmohan Singh to emerge as the final King, the
ultimate statesman who made this possible. In 1991 he started with the
economic liberalisation, which was opposed tooth and nail by the Left
parties, which has become a major success. It is hoped that the
usefulness of this treaty and the foresight of this person will be
appreciated by India and the world twenty years from now, when we will
be able to ensure energy security and lead the world as a genuine
democratic country, in fact the most respected one. What the
communalists and Marxists find fault with now, Dr. Singh is able to
foresee twenty years into the future.

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