Thursday, September 25, 2008

Equating political defections with religious conversons..

Political defections and religious conversions, an eternal debate ..

Religion is a personal issue and every one has a right to his own religious beliefs .. Forcible conversions do not happen anywhere and if it happens it is a blot and needs to be immediately corrected..

Tribals and dalits have been suffering for centuries under the caste system. With the majority community in no mood to break away from it's strangulating grip over the lower classes, the only hope for them is to switch from one belief to another. Conversion to another belief gives them the sweet freedom to move away from the status quo of bondage, deprivation and penury. It helps them to break  free from the bondages of historical and societal injustice meted to their community over the years.

The forward castes are in no mood and state of mind to understand and deplore the injustice existing in society. Instead of taking proactive steps to relese these people from the bondages of poverty and social deprivation, they wish to contnue to exercise their control over them. Politics is a clever and sharp arrow in their quiver for this purpose. They want the injustice resulting from the system to continue given its historical background, importance and heritage value.

Orisss is one of the states with the largest instances of poverty deaths in India.The poor are being exploited so extensively, resulting in the dalits and tribals suffering the injustice silently. How long can one expect the suffering communities to take this insult, injustice and denial of self respect ? But politicians want it to continue.

Under the allurements of a better standard of living free from exploitation and social deprivation and a definite salvation from this circle of penury and suffering after death, these people get converted to Budhist and Xian faith across the country. Just a natural response, given the support from the Indian constitution which gives the freedom for a person to follow any religion sans oppression and exploitation.

The knowledge and understanding of the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar who framed the Indian Constitution, given the humiliation, trouble and suffering he had to undergo to do doctoral studies at one of the best Universities in the world, Princeton in US during early 1900s, is commendable.. The foresight of another great statesman, Pandit Nehru, to understand this great man and request him to frame the constitution which to this day is a role model for the world, forms the basis of Indian democratic processes of equality, liberty and fraternity, is equally commendable.

Forcible reconversions are found to happen in areas where people have been converted to Xian faith. By force, people are being reconverted to a particular faith, which is wrong.

Political conversions or defections, where the political representatives of the people and the people themselves defect to another line of political thought , under force is deplorable. If it is through allurements and convictons, can we prevent it ? Who can deny that politics is again a personal relationship betwen the individual and the state, like religion is between the individual and God..

As long as politicians continue to influence people and their conscience and convert them by allurements and conviction and as long as it is socially accepted, who can point fingers at religious conversions from one stream of belief to another ?

Any statement in converse, would be devoid of any logic or reason.


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